20 October 2014

OOTD: Overknees

OOTD overknees fake fur vest

OOTD Casio golden watch

ootd fake fur vest shorts

ootd blogger portrait

ootd overknees fake fur vest brown burgundy

golden leaf earrings

ootd fashion blogger luxembourg

ootd patterned shorts autumn
ootd brown overknees peperosa

ootd longchamp le pliage purple
Pictures by Anouk

Outfit: overknees - PEPEROSA*, fake fur vest - C&A, shorts - MADE FOR LOVING via Zalando, transparent blouse - VERO MODA, "Le Pliage" bag - LONGCHAMP, watch - CASIO, leaf earrings - second hand

On Saturday I had a photography date with Anouk (who had already shot these outfit pics for me) in Luxembourg city. Already when we arranged the appointment some time ago I decided that I would wear my new overknees on that occasion as I finally wanted to show them to you. Lucky as I am, last Saturday was probably the hottest day of October at 23°C. But I went ahead with my overknees scheme and even added a fake fur vest. No need to mention that I didn't catch a cold that day! But the sunny weather also had its advantage as I didn't need to hide my outfit under a coat. Besides from the vest it was quite hard to find something to wear with the brown overknees though as my wardrobe tends to turn more and more black, grey and dark blue. Luckily enough I got aware of these shorts, which I had already bought in summer and worn quite a bit during the hotter days. Already when I bought them I knew they'd be quite versatile and suitable for the colder days as well and as I hadn't shown them to you in an OOTD post my outfit choice was made.
When it comes to the shooting location I am really glad that our feet took us to the Cercle Municipal, an administrative building located at the famous Place d'Armes. I mean any urban setting is a good setting for outfit pictures but I am truly swooning over arcades with light columns. I really hope it wasn't my last shooting in front of this building but I probably won't be able to drive the 40 minutes over to Luxembourg city for every outfit shooting, will I? Anyway Luxembourg has more cities and nice places to offer and I hope I'll be able to discover as many as possible for you guys.
Meanwhile you should really check out Anouk's new blog Fashionessed where you'll not only be able to admire her great work but also discover some other Luxembourgish fashion bloggers. 

19 October 2014

My Week On Instagram

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17 October 2014

Smets Luxury Underground Party

With my blogger_LU girls Emilie and Imena.

outfit pictures by Imena

Outfit: blazer - H&M, boyfriend jeans - C&A, top - CHICNOVA, fringe boots - CLARKS, customizable bag - DELIETA, necklace - LAURÈL, ring - KARMA (similar here), glasses - RALPH LAUREN

I had already told you that I'd be going to another Smets event and here we go with the pics. It was a "Luxury Underground" party to celebrate the launch of the Kenzo x Smets sweater which you can see in the very first picture. You know I'm not a sweater person but I quite like that they held it all in grey and black which makes it really versatile.
Over at Smets I met Emilie, Imena and Betty, three fellow Luxembourgish fashion bloggers with whom I spent a really nice evening. We enjoyed the live graffiti painting, the dance performance by a local dance school and of course the yummy donuts. Since August Luxembourg finally has a Dunkin' Donuts store as well but I'm really glad it's quite far from where I live because otherwise I would soon look like a donut myself...
When it comes to my outfit I was astonishingly quick at choosing this time. "Luxury Underground" was the motto of the party and so I wanted to go for a chic street style look. And what says chic street style better than the combination of boyfriend jeans and a blazer? I added my brightest top to reflect the graffiti theme and added my favourite heels of the moment and my most luxurious statement necklace for some sophisticated glamour. Et voilà!

16 October 2014

OOTD: Tiger, Tiger,...

ootd kenzo dupe tiger sweater sequins

kenzo dupe tiger sweater sequins primark

ootd kenzo dupe tiger sweater sequins

cut out boots brown

ootd kenzo dupe tiger sweater sequins

ootd kenzo dupe tiger sweater sequins
Outfit: sweater - PRIMARK (similar here), blouse - H&M, pants - H&M, cut out boots - Italian street market (similar here), watch - CASIO (similar here)

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forest of the night;
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
(William Blake)

With all the fancy events and shootings I shared lately I thought it would be nice to show you a casual outfit for a change. So this is how I would look if you'd come across me at university. I am really not a sweater person but worn with a blouse underneath I think they have something gorgeously preppy and I love to be a little prep from time to time.
The rest of October is going to be reeeally busy. Tonight I'm off to Smets for another party, on Saturday I'll have another outfit shooting with Anouk, and on Wednesday I'll be going to Anne's second book launch, Emilie's blogging classes and another event organized by Janette. And no time to rest as that weekend I'll be heading to Cologne for a concert and I'm super glad that I'll also meet one of my best friends there. Furthermore I really need to do some serious drug store shopping in Germany as Luxembourg doesn't have a proper drug store!
What are you up to this month? Has anyone planned a super cool Halloween party?

14 October 2014

Chocolate House

As you could read in yesterday's post the blogger_LU group had another meeting on Saturday and we chose to go to the famous Chocolate House in Luxembourg city. I had never been there before but had heard many stories about huge pieces of cake and delicious hot chocolate. And even though I didn't try a hot chocolate (next time for sure!) I was able to try one of the indeed huge homemade cakes which I shared with Monika. The cake itself wasn't too overwhelming but the included cream and the almond decoration were beyond delicious! I also tasted a bite of the poppyseed streusel cake which was quite juicy but maybe a bit too intense when it comes to the poppyseed taste. Next time I might go for the carrot of the berry cake which both looked really good.
Besides from the fact that we went there on a super busy Saturday I liked the location in the old townhouse even though it might be a bit too crowded. Nonetheless the Chocolate House has its own charm which you can discover in this video which I found on Youtube:

Have you been to the chocolate house? Do you like these chocolate spoons to dip into hot milk?
P.S.: See these cute chocolate reindeers and snowmen in the last picture? Wouldn't they make a perfect Christmas gift?