Bling on the Beach: Temporary Tattoos

golden metallic temporary flash tattoos
(pictures via Flash Tattoos)

Do you remember the temporary tattoos we used to have as children? You got them literally everywhere, even as samples with yoghurt pots. I always wanted to apply mine immediately and I remember my mom being worried that they're not appropriate for occasions like family celebrations.


Concealer Talk

concealers under-eye spots covering

Do you remember my post about primers where I told you everything I know about their use and benefits? I thought it could be quite useful to make a similar post for concealers, especially now that I bought two new ones. In my eyes concealing is quite an important but also sometimes confusing part of the daily makeup routine. Let's have a look at it together, maybe that'll make it all a little clearer!


Karl Lagerfeld Exhibition Bonn

As you might have seen on my Instagram account, I spent one day in my old hometown Bonn. However I didn't just go there to eat and stock up on drugstore essentials, but also to see the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition that had opened in March already. Can you imagine that in my three years in this wonderful city, I never went to any of the numerous museums? The only thing I visited was a Dior exhibition so as you can guess I'm more attracted by fashion than art. Even though fashion definitely is some kind of art as well, which became all the more clear with the amazing Karl Lagerfeld pieces that were exhibited at the Bundeskunsthalle.


Fashion Made in Luxembourg: Manalena II

In my first "Fashion Made in Luxembourg" post I already introduced you to the label Manalena. Now I can finally show you the second piece I chose from the spring/summer collection and the designer was also kind enough to answer some questions about her work. Make sure to read the post until the end as there might be a little surprise waiting for you...


Why I Don't Feel Like Shopping The Sales This Year

against fair fashion

Shopping used to be my favourite thing of all times. New cities for me were always linked to new shopping possibilities. Nothing made me happier than a new piece of clothing at a reduced price (except a new piece of clothing that I got for free). The red "sale" sign used to be an invitation to enter even more shops and buy even more clothes (even though most of them were new collection anyway). By now however, I almost don't dare to enter a Zara anymore and I feel bad about browsing H&M's online shop.

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