17 September 2014

OOTD: Under The Apple Tree*

star and moon earrings

how to wear a floppy hat

maison scotch hat

how to wear a black hat

black floppy hat maison scotch

all black outfit hat

ootd details outfit
Outfit: floppy hat - MAISON SCOTCH via About You, blazer, blouse, pants - H&M, belt - TRESANTI via TK Maxx, watch - CASIO, earrings, bracelet - second hand, flats - via Schuhcenter, scarf - street market in Italy

At the dm camp we were thought that when naming a blog post we should use the keywords we want our post to be found for. So in fact I should have named this post "Back to School" or "Black Hat". But I'm a language student after all and the title I chose seemed more poetic to me. Why am I telling you this? Well in order to show you that these few outfit pictures are quite dense and that there are several stories behind them.
Let's start off with the apple tree. The apple tree is a sign for autumn and even though we had 25°C when I wore this, we can't deny that it's going towards the definite end of summer.
Autumn means start of school and in fact this was also the outfit I wore to my first day of university. I have now finished my bachelor's degree and I started a M.A. course back in Luxembourg. A long story which I will be telling you in detail as soon as I realised that it is real!
Autumn however also means that it's time to dust your beloved floppy hats! And I definitely didn't have to dust this baby as I got it all new from About You. The site has a lot of premium brands to offer but I was immediately intrigued by the brand Maison Scotch. I had of course heard the name before but never bought anything from that brand and I also didn't know they would be selling such perfect hats! Because in fact I had been looking for a nice hat for ages (like really, I mean years!) and now I'm so happy with my new baby that I even wear it at 25°C. That's true love, isn't it?

16 September 2014

The Body Shop Beauty Event

Newsletters. They may be super annoying but sometimes they contain invitations to lovely events like the beauty event in my local The Body Shop in Bonn last Friday. In order to promote the new "Wild Argan Oil" collection the shop assistants offered their clients a hand massage and a Moroccan makeup. As argan oil comes from Morocco the ladies had even put on tradition Moroccan gowns and they provided us with mint tea and dates. While I enjoyed the hand massage the manager of the shop informed me about the argan oil collection which is of course fair trade. Then I also got a Moroccan makeup with golden eyeshadow, a dark eyelid line and bold red lips. Of course that's too much for everyday life but I totally liked how the eye makeup turned out. The products used were the "Shimmer Cubes Palette" and the "Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner". In order to try the "Wild Argan Oil" collection at home I bought the massage soap which I can't wait to try out!
Thanks a lot to the shop assistants for taking pictures and being super kind and entertaining. If you guys don't wanna miss out on the next The Body Shop event you should definitely sign up to the newsletter of your local store!

15 September 2014

Manic(ure) Monday: Leather Matte

manicure p2 leather matte 070 insider's diary
If you follow me on Instagram you will have witnessed that on Saturday I was able to attend yet another super cool blogger event. It was the dm-Marken Camp Beauty which took place in Düsseldorf for the second time. A detailed post about the event will follow these days but today we're gonna talk nail polish only (what else on a Manic(ure) Monday?). In between the sessions, which were the essence of the camp, we had the possibility to get our hair, make-up or manicure done and so I took the opportunity to try one of the new p2 nail polishes called "Leather Matte". As the name suggests the nail polishes have a matte finish that looks like leather or suede. I went for the dark bordeaux shade "070 insider's diary".

manicure p2 leather matte 070 insider's diary

manicure p2 leather matte 070 insider's diary

manicure p2 leather matte 070 insider's diary

manicure p2 leather matte 070 insider's diary
My friend Julia, with whom I went to the camp and who was kind enough to take these pictures, had already been able to try the nail polishes before and just like her I didn't like the finish that much. While I really adore matte nail polishes, this leather texture looks as if my bedclothes had impressed on my nails while sleeping (which is an effect I usually try to avoid at all costs...). If you wanna take a closer look at the finish I suggest reading Julia's post which has more detailed pictures. Anyway while writing this post I'm applying a layer of clear top coat which isn't able to remove all of the structure but at least the result looks a bit more neat.
Now you may be wondering why I even talk about these new nail polishes if I don't like the finish, right? Well just take a look at these colours! Aren't they a dream? Especially the shade number 020 looked even flashier in real life. And maybe there are some of you who like the idea of a leather finish? Tell me in the comments!

top-down: 010 rule breaker, 020 rock steady, 030 fashion star, 040 dress code: trendy, 050 rebel factor, 060 rocking love, 070 insider's diary (+ one more "Leather Matte" shade here)

Leather finish or not, have fun painting your nails and getting them ready for the week ahead!

14 September 2014

My Week On Instagram

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12 September 2014

New In: Ikea & Back to School

notepad - 3,99€
vanilla scented candle - 2,99€
placemat - 0,99€
all IKEA

straws - IKEA - 0,99€
napkins - IKEA - 1,49€
ice cube tray - HEMA - 1,00€

folder - 3,25€
notebook - 2,75€
all HEMA

blue jeans - H&M - 9,99€
black jeans - H&M - 15€
grey lace skirt - SPRINGFIELD - 19,99€ (see me wearing it here)
black lace skirt - SPRINGFIELD - 29,99€ (see me wearing it here)

In the course of time it became a tradition that once a year my mum, my sister and I go to Ikea and browse the variety of goods (whether we're actually in a need for something or not). Usually that happens a few weeks after getting the new Ikea catalogue which is always full of inspiration. On Wednesday it was time for our yearly excursion to the land of crazy furniture, funny names and kanelbullar. As you can see I came home with just a few bits and bobs but I had a hard time abstaining at Ikea's stationery section. Wrapping paper, notepads, gift tags, pocket books, gift bags and much more are available in several colours and designs and if I would actually use this stuff more often I would have taken along everything! Oh and talking about stationery... of course Hema does a pretty awesome job in this field, too as you can see by my super-duper back to school notepad and folder.