28 February 2015

Beauty Empties: February

beauty empties february garnier yves Rocher

GARNIER Fructis Schadenlöscher shampoo & conditioner
This hair care series promises to repair hair damages from the last 12 months and even says to reduce spliss. While no hair product can actually cure spliss (once you have it you gotta cut it) the shampoo and conditioner are still good products. They made my hair shiny and soft, which is actually all I'm demanding from my hair care. The smell is nice and fresh, too.

26 February 2015

Spring Nailpolish & Manicure

pastel spring nail polish 2015 essie orange p2 lilac

Okay, okay, I know winter isn't quite over yet. I mean we still had snow here this week and will probably be getting some more. But it's never too early to think about the next season so today I wanna get you in the mood for spring with lovely pastels. Thinking about two nail polish colours for spring, I picked the same ones that I adored last year, namely orange and lilac. I still don't get over how Essie's "Tart Deco" is flashy and pastel at the same time. Definitely a shade that will make your nails stand out. The pastel lilac (p2 "Sweet Darling") on the other hand is quite decent but therefor super versatile.

25 February 2015

Primer Talk

Some products have been neglected in my beauty routine for way too long, which is why they've also been neglected on this blog. I guess it's normal not to use every single beauty product available but from my many review you surely know that I'm curious to try out new things so I plunged into the magical world of primers.

23 February 2015

10 Most Inspiring Fashion Bloggers from Lux

As you surely know from previous posts, or my many Instagram pictures from blogger meetings, the blogger community in Luxembourg is growing. And as I know most of the bloggers myself I found it would be nice to share their blogs on my social media accounts from time to time. Yesterday one of the fashion bloggers posted another gorgeous look and I was like: "Yeah, she's definitely my favourite fashion blogger from over here!" But then I thought about the many other fashion bloggers I know and all at a sudden I couldn't choose a single favourite anymore. That's how I decided to share the 10 most inspirational local fashion blogs with you.
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