Our Beautiful Wedding Stationery

One of the first things you'll have to choose as a freshly engaged couple is the wedding invitations. If you believe the perfectly styled photos on Pinterest, your whole wedding stationery needs to be the same style and perfectly match the theme of your wedding. And of course you can try to stick to this rule just in order to get a pretty photo of your stationery, which you can then post on Instagram. However believe me when I say that matching stationery is a totally unnecessary stress factor.


Outfit: Bella Vita

I have already posted some photos of our holidays on Instagram, but I wanted to share this dolce vita outfit with you here on the blog. I bought the skirt on Asos some weeks ago as I really loved the gingham trend that was going strong this summer. How do you like the combination?


Wedding Beauty Preparations

(Photo by Anna Katina)

Every girl dreams of looking her best on her wedding day. Thanks to my amazing dress (read the story here) I was sure my outfit would be on fleek. However I also wanted to go strong on beauty treatments before the wedding so I'm sharing my experiences in this post!


Customize Your Bag With Veritas

I am not really good at DIYs but when the customizing trend became big again a few seasons ago, I totally fell for patches and pins on all clothes and accessories. Some of you might remember that I customized a pair of jeans with patches last year (you can see the result here). So when Veritas launched a 'customize your bag' campaign I knew I wanted to be a part of it.


Wedding Scents by Jo Malone

Jo Malone wedding perfume

When I read through wedding preparation check lists I found out that most people buy special wedding perfumes for their big day. Considering that a good perfume costs around 50-150€ I thought this was a rather useless spending as we had so much more to invest in for our wedding.  However when I was contacted by Jo Malone and they offered me and my fiancĂ© to choose our wedding scents at their shop, I knew this would make our big day all the more special.

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