Outfit: Feeling Festive in Red, Green and Tartan

red green tartan sweater festive outfit

Just like every other year, I am extremely looking forward to Christmas. This year probably even a tad more as it will be the time when I'll have finished all of my course at university and I'll be able to do a teeny tiny little break before writing my assignments and master thesis from January on. So after having our first real snow for the season this weekend, and after baking some delicious gingerbread cookies, I was also in the mood to compile some festive looks this week. And if there is one thing that screams "Christmas is coming!" then it's surely the combination of red and green. Plus I felt even festive enough to add my fancy perfume bottle clutch!


Introducing the Beauty Parlour "Aromas Institut"

This week I was invited to discover the beauty salon of a lovely French girl. Audrey Sferlazza has opened her "Aromas Institut" a few years ago and works there all by herself, offering many interesting beauty services. From manicures over epilation to slimming cures, in her parlour you can get almost every beauty treatment your heart desires.


3 Local Jewellery Designers to Watch

Thanks to my Fashion Made in Luxembourg project, I could already introduce you to some talented local designers. To me one thing that goes hand in hand with fashion is jewellery design and yet again in this area you will find many adorable pieces made in Luxembourg. The best place to stay up to date with the newest creations is the Lët'z Go Local market, where I discovered the following three outstanding jewellery brands:


Outfit: Mustard Yellow A-Line Skirt

As you may have noticed I'm a huge fan of the still ongoing 70s trend. Therefor it was only a matter of time until I would get myself a button down A-line skirt. Well in fact it was rather a matter of length. It seems a fact that most A-line skirts are damn short and I prefer every part of my behind to be hidden, be it when I'm walking, sitting or bending over.


An Affiliate Link Guide (For Bloggers and Readers)

affiliate link guide bloggers

At a time when we're literally just one click away from about anything, clicking has become so natural that we don't think much about it anymore. However lots of links don't just get us to another page, but also involve other actions. One kind of such links are affiliate links.

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