Outfit: Red Wall

If something such as fashion blogger rules would exist, then one of them would certainly be that the background is part of a photographed outfit. Last weekend I only had 15 minutes to get ready and choose my outfit so I was quite undecided on what to wear. I knew I wanted to combine an outfit around this dress but I didn't quite find the right accessories. When my boyfriend and I were already on our way to one of our usual shooting spots, I saw this red wall from afar and I knew it would be the "accessory" my outfit was missing.


Outfit: Wolford Dress

Wolford ready to wear Bilbao dress

When I was younger I thought that only fancy and trendy pieces of clothing were worth splurging on, only to find out that I was lacking in versatile basics and that all of the fancy stuff didn't stay trendy for a long time. By now I'm more willing to pay money on clothes that I will be able to wear for many years, thus clothes with simple cuts and made of good material. This Wolford dress is definitely one of them and when I saw it I immediately fell for the cut and colour - a mixture of grey and purple.


Outfit: Carmen Top

off-the-shoulder Carmen bardot top combination

Good things come to those who wait but in fashion it may happen that you wait too long. See when it comes to the latest trends I tended to shop them immediately when I was younger. However as I'm living in Luxembourg, trends tend to take some time before they arrive here so often what I shopped turned out to be like the latest trend, but still something entirely different. Here the nuances can be really subtle. So when, just like every season, off-the-shoulder turned out to be in again, I wanted to join the fun but by now I became more conscious about what I buy and so instead of getting a blouse that I only liked to some extend, I decided to rather wait for the perfect one or go yet another season without off-the-shoulder tops. So I waited and a good thing came to me, namely this awesome Carmen top which I got second hand, and for free!


Beauty Empties June & July

beauty empties used up products

Is it just me or have empties posts become less popular? I don't see them much around anymore but maybe that's also because I've been reading less beauty blogs lately. I still think that this kind of post makes sense because it's about sharing what products are worth purchasing and which ones aren't so in fact it's about saving you money to buy the really good stuff. For example after this post you'll know that Paula's Choice is a brand you should give a try if you have blemish prone skin and that products from the discounter can be better than those of high-end brands.


A Guide To Shopping Useful Souvenirs

guide to shopping souvenirs

August is probably the month where most of you will be going on holiday so it's not too late to share some of my travel tips. However I didn't feel like showing you how to pack your suitcase or how to dress for the plane because these are articles that every blog or magazine has already written before. Therefor I would like to share with you my tips for shopping cute local souvenirs that you will still love once you're back home. I must admit that souvenir shopping is always one of my favourite activities on holiday, but only if it allows me to connect with the culture of the region.