Beauty Empties April

beauty empties april review primark beauty

April, and thus a really crazy month, is coming to an end. Not only was it crazy when it comes to the weather (the warmest sunshine and snow took turns here in Luxembourg), but also when it comes to my live. At the beginning of the month I finished my master's thesis and now I've already been doing my internship at a local magazine for two weeks. Blogwise there have been some exciting things going on as well, as for example the collaboration with Femmes Magazine or the press trip to Antwerp (all things you could follow on my social media channels). Being so busy obviously also meant that I didn't have that much time to actually create content for the blog, but the recent events definitely gave me some inspirations for future posts and projects. Today however, I want to update you with an old classic on my blog, namely a review of the beauty products I emptied or sorted out this month. 


Outfit: Patches and Embroideries

outfit patch slip on shoes scotch soda

Spring weather is currently taking a break so I'm showing you what I wore last week when it was all sunny outside. You surely already saw these awesome patch slip ons as I spammed my social media channels with them. As much as I love them I must admit that I wouldn't have bought them without the Scotch&Soda voucher I got at the UPR shopping tour last month. Especially as I was a bit disappointed to find out that they aren't comfortable at all. However I do have my methods to run in new shoes so I hope I'll be able to wear them all day everyday during my trip to the US this summer.


DIY Patch Jeans & Smiley Loafers

DIY Iron Patches Jeans Zoe Karssen Dupe

You surely all noticed that funny patch applications in 90s styles are one of the major fashion trends this season. For me it all started off with the Zoe Karssen boyfriend patch jeans, but everyone who knows me also knows that I don't spend 250€ on a single piece of clothing. As the cheaper alternatives were only hitting the market bit by bit, I decided that this trend was the perfect occasion to tackle a DIY again at last.


Event: Vol(t)age Fashion Show

Vol(t)age défilé Luxembourg

If you follow me on social media you know that I am currently doing an internship at a local lifestyle magazine. And the advantage of being a magazine intern is definitely that you get access to all kinds of awesome events. That's why I had the chance to go to the fashion show of the Luxembourgish clothing brand Vol(t)age yesterday. I've been wanting to cover the brand in my "Fashion Made in Luxembourg" series for a while now, so this event came in handy.


Fashion Made in Luxembourg: Manalena x Mamie & Moi

I'm finally back with a new designer piece made in Luxembourg! I've yet again teamed up with the lovely Maddalena, designer at her own brand Manalena, to show you one of her recent creations. And this time she made it even more local by working with the "Mamie & Moi" solidarity brand. Mamie & Moi, French for "Grandma & Me", employs elderly ladies who knit adorable children's clothes. And finally there's something for us adults, too as Mamie & Moi knitted this oversized sweater designed by Maddalena.

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