How To Get Into (Berlin) Fashion Week

how to get into fashion week

So I've been to Berlin Fashion Week and it's about time to stop annoying you with my many posts about that topic. However there's one that I feel like I should publish nevertheless. Because in fact it is pretty easy to get into fashion week and still there is no one out there telling you how to actually proceed. Even though so many bloggers have already attended various fashion events all around the world, they still keep it a secret how they managed to get these freaking invitations. So if like me you've failed to find a post about how to really get into fashion week until now, then this one's for you my fellow blogger friend. You will see that it's not that hard and basically just requires some serious research. The big four international fashion weeks will be in September so you still got time to try your luck to get into them. There really is nothing you need to be afraid of and even if you don't manage to attend a show, there are still so many other events during fashion week that will make a trip to the fashion city of your choice worth it.


1 Straw Hat - 3 Travel Destinations (DIY)

DIY floppy straw hat scarf embellishment

Whenever I went on holiday as a child and my mum helped me pack my suitcase, she would also force me to take a headpiece to protect me from sunstroke. Of course I didn't understand this safety measure back then and really wasn't eager to walk around with a baseball cap on the beach. How good that the hat selection for women has to offer more than that.


Outfit: Print For Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week Outfit Leaf Print Culottes

You can't go to Berlin and shoot outfits without benefiting at least once from the many graffiti walls. How good that my third fashion week look perfectly matched the street that one of that day's events led us to. And also this third outfit was designated to match my only bag and pair of shoes that I had taken to Berlin.


6 Ethical Fashion Labels Worth Watching

Frieda Sand Ethical Fashion Brand

Yesterday I told you about the Greenshowroom, a trade fair for ethical fashion labels. As you might know from some of my previous posts, I did some first steps towards the promotion of ethical fashion, and now that I've discovered these amazing brands from all over the world, I'm even more determined to make my closet a bit more sustainable. Especially German-speaking bloggers have been doing a great amount of research on fair fashion labels, but I haven't discovered any of these brands on a fair fashion blog before. That's why I regard it as my duty to share these labels with you, as they are the perfect proof that ethical fashion hasn't got to be boring at all.
Currently you can find the s/s 2016 collections in most of these shops but I was lucky enough to already see the s/s 2017 collections at the Greenshowroom fair. So even if you might not fall in love with a brand immediately, I assure you it's worth watching it in the future as green fashion will become more and more fashion-forward.


Fashion Week Day 3: Disney Fashion Open House, Maisonnoée And More

Noveaux Blogger Lounge Greenshowroom

Congratulations to those who've been bearing with me until this third and last post about my first fashion week experience. I can totally understand that fashion happenings in Berlin aren't relevant to all of you. However if you want to learn how it's like to attend a fashion week, if you want to see what blogger events are taking place in other countries, if you attended MBFWB yourself and want to see what other bloggers have been doing there, of if you just love me enough to care about what I've been up to two weeks ago, then you might nevertheless wanna read this post.

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