23 April 2014

Kate Moss x Topshop

Kate Moss is back with a new collection for Topshop. Lots of fringes and ethnic inspired pieces go hand in hand with super chic gowns and plenty of glitter. The icon's style is thus perfectly reflected in many of her creations. The model had worked with Topshop many times before (this is already their 15th collection!) but had ended the long-term collaboration in 2010. This highly anticipated comeback collection will be available from April 30th and is quite likely to be sold out in the blink of an eye. Be prepared to spend between 50€ and 870€ if you want to get your hands on your favourite piece!

Don't you think the summer dresses are a dream? I would love to get my hands on both the white ethnic and the blue and salmon one! Will you be ordering your favourite pieces from the collection? Which creation do you like best?

P.S.: For more pics, all the available pieces and additional information click here.

22 April 2014

Tried and Tested: Nip+Fab

When I ordered these Nip+Fab products a few weeks ago I really couldn't wait to try them as they all sounded really intriguing. I paid them with a voucher I had going spare and I must admit that I wouldn't have ordered them without a voucher as they're quite expensive, especially as I'm not that overly satisfied with them. But see for yourselves:

Nip+Fab Body Slim Fix 2-in-1 body moisturiser + toning gel 200ml - 21,00€

Right from the beginning I knew that this body lotion would be nothing like my beloved Garnier Body Tonic but I was eager to try it nevertheless. The texture is extremely pleasant as it is rich and moisturising but also light and easy to handle. It smells a bit like bubble gum but quite decently. I applied it on my arms and belly but didn't notice any changes so far. Maybe when I'll use it more regularly? I will keep you updated on that so keep an eye on my upcoming empties posts

Nip+Fab Post Workout Fix topical muscle cooling gel 50ml - 13,98€

I was hoping that this product would help keep me motivated to go to the gym and so far I still am. It is indeed really cooling and refreshing but I'm not sure if it prevents sore muscles or rather causes them because wherever I applied the gel, that was the spot that was aching most the other day. I will keep on using it but as I couldn't see any positive effect I won't rebuy it.

Nip+Fab Detox Blend bath soak 217ml - 12,63€

I basically bought this bath supplement because it said 'detox' (and I'm currently obsessed with everything detox) and because I ran out of bath bombs. However if you're looking for something fun and bubbly this isn't the right product. It does make a little foam but that's about it. What it does is to smell nice and fresh (but not really intensely) and to allow you to relax. After taking a bath with this supplement I didn't notice any change on my skin so in fact I wouldn't repurchase the product.

What do you think after reading the reviews? Would you wanna try any of the products or have you already made own experiences with Nip+Fab products?

21 April 2014

Manic(ure) Monday: Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

Tomorrow is Earth Day, an annual worldwide event to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Now what if I told you that we can easily contribute to that day but doing nothing more than buying new nail polish? That sounds really weird and contradictory, right? But it is true thanks to Zoya's Nail Polish Exchange. Now what is this exchange about and how does it help Mother Earth?

In fact Zoya nail polishes are free of nasty chemicals like Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene or Champhor. These are not only bad for your health but also for the environment. Zoya's idea is to replace those chemical nail polishes we all have at home by non chemical nail polishes step by step. Therefore you now have one week to buy 6 - 24 new Zoya nail polishes with 50% off and return the same amount of old nail polishes so that they can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way.
And now the disadvantage: this only counts for the US as Zoya doesn't ship internationally... I think that's quite sad because I would have loved to join the initiative (I had already started choosing 6 shades in my mind). If however you live in the US I can warmly recommend you to check the Zoya Blog for further information. I mean you will never get a better excuse for buying a dozen new nail polishes at a time, will you?
So let's all hope Zoya will soon ship internationally but until then I will try to find another way to get my hands on their non chemical nail polishes! (Still lusting after their emerald shades...)

20 April 2014

My Week On Instagram

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Happy Easter peeps!

19 April 2014

Favorite Summer Trend: Off-The-Shoulder

(click on the pictures for image sources)

In January (in this post) I had remarked that off-the-shoulder tops and dresses will be a huge trend in 2014. As you can see in the pics above the Lookbook ladies already perfectly rock the look with either blouses, jumpers, shirts or dresses. You probably all remember the H&M campaign with Miranda Kerr where she wore this pretty off-the-shoulder Carmen blouse. At least since that campaign fashion stores worldwide started selling off-the-shoulder tops. I still haven't found the perfect one for myself but I would love to find a nice Carmen blouse in white with red and blue details.



Are you already rocking off-the-shoulder pieces? Which of the looks above do you like best?