My Beautiful Bachelorette Party

Last Saturday was a really special day as it was my bachelorette party. It was one of the events I had most been looking forward to in all my wedding preparations and I got all excited when my maid of honour Claude sent me a beautiful invitation card. All I knew was the date and the location, but I had no idea of what she and my bridesmaids had prepared for me.


About Chocolates And Wedding Diets

My biggest weakness? Definitely sweets and especially chocolate! I can say no to pretty much everything, be it drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, fast food,... but as soon as I hear the word dessert I am sold. So when Plan├Ęte Chocolat contacted me with an e-mail that had the subject 'Want some chocolate?' I just couldn't resist.


Sprocket: Print Your Photos On The Go

HP Sprocket

I've always loved to take photos for as far as I can remember. I got my first camera at a really young age. I remember it was red and of course it could only be used with a film. I still have the photos of trees, dolls and teddy bears that I took when I was a little girl. Now that we have smartphones and Instagram I don't think many people still take the time to develop or even print photos. However many of the 'real' photos that are hanging in my room mean much more to me than the 4884 photos on my iPhone (yes that's the very number of photos on my phone as I'm writing this!). Therefor I also like polaroid cameras so much. But let's be honest, we don't carry around a polaroid camera everyday. And that's where the new HP Sprocket comes into play...


Monthly Beauty Tops and Flops

june beauty empties

With the wedding approaching (less than two months to go!) I decided to up my beauty game. So far I was a bit lazy with creams, scrubs and co. So that means there will be a lot to review here soon. Here's what I used up lately.


Outfit: Bonjour Bag + GIVEAWAY

Friends, do you remember my first collaboration with Cheer up store? Three months ago I showed you an amazing bag by the Belgian brand Clio Goldbrenner. You can check the post again here. For my next look in collaboration with the accessory store in Luxembourg city, I chose 3 items that work pretty well together: The 'Bonjour' bag from the English brand The Jackson, the slipper espadrilles from the Spanish brand Kanna and the bangle from the French brand Bangle Up.

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