19 April 2015

OOTD: Blue Tunic

OOTD blue Zara print tunic white blazer
On Thursday before heading to the Njörd event, I met up with Emilie as we are planning to organize two blogging classes together. As you might know from previous posts, Emilie has started doing these classes some months ago here in Luxembourg, and they were so popular that she now also starts doing them in Brussels and Paris. The classes we are planning to do together, will be about how to cooperate with brands and how to cooperate with bloggers so there will be one for the bloggers, and for the first time also one for the brands. I am super excited to this with Emilie as she such a lovely person with lots of experience. (For more information you can contact her or me via email but I will soon also be sharing the details on my Facebook page.) After our meeting, Emilie was kind enough to shoot some pics of my casual outfit. As you can see I was wearing the Zara tunic from my Maastricht haul.

18 April 2015

Njörd Food Event

njörd food menu
Have you ever tried Smushi? No and you're not even sure what it is? It's a mixture of the Scandinavian smorrebrod and the word sushi and thus the idea to serve canapés in the size of sushi.

16 April 2015

If I Could Only Keep 10 Cosmetic Products

go-to favourite beauty staples Maybelline Catrice Benefit
Girls, let's admit it: We're hoarders. And that's okay! I mean there are so many gorgeous products to hit the market every single day that saying no to all of them is just impossible, right? However I decided to be a bit theoretical today and so I imagined which of my cosmetics I would choose if I could only keep 10 products. After all it wasn't that hard because I have many two in one products and usually really don't go crazy with the products I apply on a daily basis. Shall we discover which products I would keep as they belong to my beauty staples?

15 April 2015

New In: Maastricht

Maastricht shopping haul Mango Zara
You probably already saw it on my social media accounts: I went a little crazy while shopping in Maastricht. Funnily enough I only bought items that have either been on my wish list for ages, or stuff I will probably be wearing like every week. As you can see my crush for blue shades of all kinds isn't over and also my favourite colour combination for summer, blue and white, will be making its comeback. If you attentively read my blog last weekend, you may be wondering about that Zara bag in the picture above... Yes I admit that I went shopping there again, even though Zara and I surely have a love-hate relationship.

13 April 2015

Tried and Tested: Paula's Choice

I have been suffering from acne and blemished skin since I was a teen and even though it got a lot better since the end of puberty, my skin is still far from perfect nowadays. That's why I often change my skin care routine, in the hope to finally find that one product that will help me out and change my skin forever. When I was contacted by Paula's Choice, a brand that works with BHA and AHA exfoliants, I really couldn't say no to giving their products a try. In order to find out what BHA and AHA means, and whether the products worked for me or not, just keep on reading...