25 March 2015

Monoprix Wish List

Monoprix mode fashion printemps été vêtements
blue pants - 34,99€, striped sweater - 29,99€, metallic shoes - 39,99€, coat - 89,99€, striped bag - 29,99€

I think I've been mentioning Monoprix more than once on my blog and social media channels but in case you missed out on my rave: It's a French supermarket wich I first entered in Paris and which has since then always reminded me of that lovely city. However Monoprix is much more than a regular supermarket because it also has a huge range of fashion and amazing French cosmetics. So imagine how lucky I was when I won a 35€ Monoprix voucher lately. I already went to our local store to check out the clothing range and I highly fell in love with the blue coat above! Unfortunately they didn't have my size anymore so I will check back today to get myself one of these other amazing pieces. Which one is your favourite?

23 March 2015

Go Gusto Juice Cleanse

Go Gusto detox juice cleanse
As announced on my Instagram account, I did the Go Gusto juice cleanse on Saturday. Go Gusto is a Luxembourgish company who started producing fresh juices one year ago and who has since then been known as THE local source for cleansing and detox. They kindly offered me a one-day juice cleanse to try and review for you guys and if you wanna know if I managed to only drink juice for a whole day, you should keep on reading...

22 March 2015

Rockport: The Comfortable Pumps

You already saw them on my Instagram account and in my latest outfit post but now I'm finally gonna talk about these really special pumps. Why are they so special? Well because Rockport has done everything to make them as comfortable as possible. Curious?

21 March 2015

Event: Lady Panoplie at House17

Lady Panoplie House17
In Luxembourg we have these Lady Panoplie events, which are being organised in partnership with "Passe-Moi L'Sel Chérie", a boutique promoting jewellery and accessory designers. But the events aren't only about accessories, but basically about everything a girl's heart desires (we're talking about bun bars, massages, beauty workshops,...). This time the event took place at House17, a location I knew from Emilie's blogging classes. So what exactly did I discover there and would I recommend the event to you? Read on and find out...

19 March 2015

OOTD: Kimono Love

fashion blogger luxembourg blogueuse mode
Yesterday I went to the Lady Panoplie, a special event in Luxembourg which I will be talking about in detail in my next post. I wanted to wear my Rockport pumps (and I had promised you a post about these as well, which will also follow these days) but lately I don't like overly elegant looks, so I combined them with a pair of jeans. To still make the look suitable for a night at the sophisticated House 17, the location of this month's Lady Panoplie, I added this flower kimono which I've been having for years and which I love to wear sporadically.