Another 10 Instagram Accounts From Luxembourg

Lately I've been discovering more and more amazing Instagram accounts from young, talented people who are somehow related to Luxembourg. Given the fact that I use Instagram for almost all of my lifestyle related researches, I love following locals to always be up to date with events and other news. However as Luxembourgish people love to travel, following these accounts will also trigger some major wanderlust, no matter where you live. And for even more Instagram inspo (from Luxembourg) make sure to check out the links at the end of this post!


Outfit: Off-The-Shoulder Flower Dress

Have you guys ever noticed how much creativity it takes to put an outfit together? I mean I'm not gonna say that my ootds are artworks, far from that. But finding something to wear that fits the weather, fits your mood, fits the occasion, looks good together, and is a different combination from how you already wore certain clothes - well all of this requires a good amount of thinking process. Somehow lately I've had the creative streak that it takes and I've noted down a whole list of looks that I wanna wear as long as the weather isn't too bad yet. And er yes, of course I have a list for outfits...


The Bags You'll Wanna Save All Your Money For

When it comes to bags the last few seasons have been really strong and Gucci has undoubtedly been the leader of it-bags. The brand hasn't just dictated this year's bag shapes, but is also one of the triggers of the comeback of kitsch and opulence.


Manic(ure) Monday: Greige, The New Beige

If I would still go to high school then today would be my back to school day. Somehow I'm overly glad that I am done with school and university, but on the other hand I also miss the time in my life when I didn't have to take a lot of important decisions myself. Currently as I'm looking for a job, planning my wedding and about to build a house, I feel more like an adult than ever. So that's why this post is dedicated to everyone who currently had to go back to the seriousness of real life. Be it school, your job or other important appointments: Let's make sure we're rocking this with a sophisticated manicure!


USA Travel Diary: West Coast

Here we are for the second part of my US travel diaries. The last stop of part one was Washington, from where we flew to Los Angeles to continue our bus trip with another tour group and guide. Los Angeles has probably been the stop I have most been looking forward to, so let's see if the city disappointed me or not...

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