2 September 2014

Monhtly Must Haves: September

fringe coat - H&M, leather culottes - H&M, fake leather shorts - H&M, "Blush" clutch - ACCESSORIZE, tassel loafers - ACCESSORIZE, multi chain necklace - ACCESSORIZE, star bangle - UCTT DESIGN via LAJOIA

sweatpants - H&M, jacket - H&M, crop top - TOPSHOP, kitten heels - TOPSHOP, "Après Ski" clutch with fur fabric detail - H&M, daisy earrings - H&M

houndstooth poncho - ORSAY, star ring - UCTT DESIGN via LAJOIA, "Call Me" clutch - ACCESSORIZE, fake fur bucket bag - ACCESSORIZE, daisy earrings - H&M

Be it because of the September issues, the "back to school" mentality or the transition from summer to fall: September is the shopping month par excellence. Especially if you adore fall fashion and if it's the only thing that keeps you from mourning after the hot days all too long. Seeing all the fashion campaigns featuring brown haired models in tartan skirts, fur vests and quilted jackets, standing in front of English countryside villas makes me so eager for the leaves to turn brown. As I'm not only looking forward to fall but also to Christmas (yes, already!) but as we're also expecting a few more hot days in September, I created a pretty mixed wish list for this transitional month. We're having the daisy earrings, crop top and kitten heels that scream for summer but we also have a brown overload with lots of cosy materials and we even have Christmas worthy accessories like the star jewellery and the flirty clutches. So whatever your mood may be at the beginning of September, there's a shopping fix for everybody.
Happy going back to school, fall shopping and summer wardrobe sorting out!

1 September 2014

Manic(ure) Monday: Patent Poppy*

Red nail polish and I have always had a love-hate relationship. I have never really been this classy red nails type of girl and I remember some of my first nail polish shades being petrol and mint blue. Up to today as far as I am concerned blue nail polish is still one of the most fascinating ones. However the older I grow the more I understand why red nail polish is so hyped. It is simply the color that is socially accepted to be seen on your nails, not matter your age and no matter the occasion. Therefor I don't ignore the red and pink nail polish range at drug stores anymore and therefor I was also eager to try this vibrant shade by Max Factor which I was sent by Rossmann (where you'll be able to buy the nail polish). 

I had never tried a Max Factor nail polish before but the quality was really satisfying. The brush is rather stiff but you can control it quite well and the result looks super neat immediately. The only disadvantage is that the colour intensity fades towards the tip of your nails so you'll have to dip the brush a second time. The nail polish dries quickly and is shockproof almost immediately. I had a nasty incident with my earring an hour after applying the first coat but the nail polish survived it with nothing but a tiny scratch.

When it comes to the colour I'm still not sure if I adore or if it already annoys me. It comes with a really decent shimmer which you can only see from close up but which gives your manicure a nice gloss. The pictures also suggest that the shade has something really vibrant about it, which makes it a fresh summer red. However when looking at the other available shades of the Gel Shine Lacquer collection I couldn't help preferring shades like the Sheen Merlot, Vivid Vermillio or Glazed Cobalt. I guess the blue love is far from being over.

ankle chain - ASOS, nail file - ALESSANDRO, nail polish - MAX FACTOR Gel Shine Lacquer 25 "Patent Poppy"

What do you guys think about red nail polish? Too simple and classy or your absolute favourite for manicures?

31 August 2014

My Week On Instagram

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29 August 2014

Tried and Tested: Maybelline Color Elixir*

Maybelline's Color Elixir finally made it to Germany and so I was offered the chance to try the lip lacquer and write a review about it. I was sent the shade 720 "Nude Illusion" which is one of the eleven available colours. In the US the lip gloss has been for sale since last year and across the pond you will find 9 additional shades. Over there the product is also strikingly cheaper but the German lip gloss addict will have to pay about 10€.

The innovation of the Color Elixir is that it tries to unite our three favourite lip products by providing the colour of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the care of a balm. Together with the plus of the cute lipstick style packaging it seems like a product worth purchasing, or not?

After trying the Color Elixir I am left with mixed feelings. The colour of a lipstick? Having been sent the nude shade I can't really judge that point but it is true that the Color Elixir is more covering than a regular lip gloss. Talking about the colour though I would have preferred the nude to be less brownish even if it blends with my natural lip colour pretty well. The shine of a gloss? That point is definitely true and even if the colour starts fading after some hours the shine persists. And finally the care of a balm? No protest here either as my lips feel really moisturised while wearing the lip lacquer. Besides from these points I enjoyed the good smell of the product and also the fact that it stays on pretty well and doesn't smudge visibly makes it a good product. However I think that the most interesting shades are the bright and cheerful ones but then again the brighter the colour the more dangerous to wear it as a lip gloss, or don't you think so?

If you guys have been able to try the Color Elixir you can post a picture of it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #elixirliebe for a chance to win even more Maybelline products.

27 August 2014

OOTD: Palais Grand-Ducal

Outfit: blazer - ZARA, skirt - SPRINGFIELD, scarf - H&M, ring - via ARGENTO, bag - BRACCIALINI, shoes and earrings - street market in Riccione

Networking. The word has been abused in relation to social media too many times. Some people may even think that the essence of networking is having 1000 Facebook friends. But it isn't. Networking is about sitting down with friends or colleagues in order to share knowledge and to give each other feedback. It's a truly magical thing and last Saturday I had the occasion to be part of a real life networking experience at its best. It was the first meeting of the Luxembourgish bloggers being planned and organized in our Facebook group called #blogger_LU (new members are warmly welcome so just drop me a note if you're a blogger in or from Luxembourg!). We had decided to meet at the vegan café Am Véierzéng which can be found inside the building of the History Museum of Luxembourg City. As we were too busy with getting to know each other I didn't have the occasion to take pictures or to order anything else than an almond and rice milk macchiato (which was really good by the way and which I will try to make at home these days). You may know that I am the lucky member of a blogger group in Germany as well but it was so different talking to Luxembourgish bloggers with which I share problems like the language question (Luxembourg has three official languages) or the almost none existing blogging scene in our country. However I really hope that together we will be able to make blogging a more accepted business over here and to grow together as a group in the course of time.
After the meeting Anouk was kind enough to take outfit pictures with me in front of the Grand-Ducal Palace, which I might consider as a shooting place more often hereafter. Funnily enough I also took a few snaps of Anouk in order to show her the angles I wanted for my pictures and upon this she did her very first OOTD post, accidental outfit post as she calls it.