Beauty Empties June

beauty empties garnier bealea nonique

Have I ever told you how much pleasure I take in emptying beauty products? It has even come to the point where my boyfriend congratulates me for using up a bottle of shampoo. Crazy, I know! And I don't even know why that is. Maybe because it will give me something to write about on the blog, or because I like using new products, or because I still have 4 drawers full of beauty products that I want to use up before I'm an old lady... Anyway this month was a pretty good one when it comes to emptying pleasures! #crazycatlady #crazybeautylady


Snapchatters To Follow For Berlin Fashion Week Insights

berlin fashion week snapchat insights

I already announced it but let's say it again because I'm so excited: This season I will be going to Berlin Fashion Week! If you've ever been to Berlin you know how relaxed and casual the city is, and that's how I expect the German fashion week to be like as well. I know that in Berlin they pay much attention to small local designers, rather than international big brands. And that's why I think I will be able to relate with the collections and the events, much more than I would in Paris or Milan.
Last season I already intensely followed the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, mainly thanks to Snapchat! Whoever still doesn't understand why Snapchat is so popular is clearly following the wrong people. So to help you find the right people to follow for Berlin Fashion Week insights, I made a list of my favourite German fashion bloggers, that I am pretty sure will be at MBFW in Berlin this week:


What's Up? #5

what's up? #5 fashion beauty roundup

On Friday I printed my Master's thesis before heading to the office for the last hours of my internship. In fact there is no better feeling for a student than finishing their last paper ever so I probably should have felt fabulous. However I felt the same like during the last few weeks namely stressed and a bit anxious about what the future will bring. When I said goodbye to my boss he saw me off with the words: "So you've finished your internship, you're done with university, you're going to Berlin and later this summer to the US, and you'll be getting married, too. That's awesome!". And damn he was right! My future does look pretty awesome! I have achieved everything I ever wanted to achieve by this age and there is no reason why I should be so afraid of not getting a job because billions of people before me managed to get one. So with this feeling of simply enjoying the now I'm determined to have the time of my life this summer. And there couldn't be a better start to it than Berlin Fashion Week! But before I get completely overwhelmed by my anticipation, let's have a look at what fashion, beauty and blogging news from this week are worth sharing with you:


The Real Reason You're Never Invited To Blogger Events

how to get invited to blogger events

Let's face it, blogger events are like the 'Sweet 16' parties of American cheerleaders: Everybody wants to go there but only very few get the chance to be invited. Who actually gets an invitation to these birthday parties? First of all friends of the host, sometimes also friends of the guests, and finally the coolest kids of the school. Speaking in terms of bloggers you will thus mainly be invited to blogger events if you already have relations to the brand, if you know other bloggers who get an invitation, or if your blog is so good they can't ignore you. So what are you doing wrong that keeps you from becoming a blogger event guest list VIP?


What's Up? #4

collage fashion beauty news

As I'm writing this I'm a bit in a hurry as I spent too much time posting stories on Snapchat this afternoon. Yes, I'm giving the app another try. I'm still not super comfortable in front of the camera, and I will surely only use Snapchat when I actually have something to tell! So if you speak Luxembourgish or simply want to hear someone talk a language you've never heard then you can either scan the snapcode in my sidebar or find me under 'clothesncamera'. Anyway this week's 'What's Up?' post can easily be summed up with Disney and beauty. Not the worst two topics, right?

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