17 December 2014

Blogging Class + Christmas Party

chanel bag camera
I feel like I have been talking about Emilie's blogging classes like a hundred times but never actually made a post about them and let you share the experience with me. Now that I already attended the 3rd edition (which was a special Christmas edition as well) I decided that it's time to share with you the pictures and experience I've made. 

16 December 2014

Blogger's Secret: DIY Blog Planner

The only true key to blogging regularly is planning ahead. As someone who has been blogging daily for months I've always had a blog planner where I put down my blog post ideas and chose the best dates to publish this and that post. While I used a regular planner for the last two years, I decided that it was time for something more adapted now. Unfortunately there's nothing such as a premade blog planner which you could buy in stores. So I just decided to take a regular planner and customise it according to my blogger needs.

14 December 2014

Tried and Tested: Ayurvana*

ayurvana products review
One of the coolest things about PR samples is not that they're for free but that they allow you to discover new brands you normally would never come across. That's definitely the case with Ayurvana products which I was asked to try out a few weeks ago. Ayurvana is a French brand selling supplements, cosmetics and spices developed according to the principles of the Ayurveda. I must admit that Ayurveda has always intrigued me as it's mainly based on meditation and the consumption of plants to stay healthy so I was really eager to learn a bit more about this medicine through the products.

12 December 2014

Perfume Collection Update (+Gift Guide)

holiday perfume gift guide christmas ideas
Lately I was lucky to get some new perfumes to try out so I thought I'd make a follow-up of my perfume collection post which I wrote in February. And as we're approaching Christmas why not also take this post as a little gift guide? As the four perfumes I'll be introducing all have a very different scent you'll surely find one for every woman in your life.

11 December 2014

Pochette de Janette "Unboxing"

Pochette de Janette magazine luxembourg beauty box
The Pochette de Janette has started its round three and I was lucky enough to be sent one by Janette Magazine. Are you ready to discover with me the content of Luxembourg's one and only subscription box for fashion and beauty lovers?
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