Outfit: Safari Dress in Autumn

So far I didn't get the chance to show you this safari dress that I bought along with a pencil skirt and a bell blouse at Target this summer. However you could already see me wearing it at 35°C in this Instagram photo. Today however, you will get my autumnal version of styling a green midi dress.


New Sephora Collection Products

Sephora Collection products 2016

As I already told you guys on Instagram, I began at my first job last week. I am eager to tell you all the details about it, but for now I just want to see how it goes for me. Maybe I will write an entire post about what I studied and how I found a job. Would that be interesting for you? Anyway what I actually wanna talk about is the Sephora event I attended on Friday in order to discover their new products. After a week of getting up way too early, I found it hard to concentrate on all the product info, but therefor it felt all the more amazing to get pampered in a little makeover session. I was looked after by shop assistant Anita, who did an amazing job with my makeup and even got me to like a bold yellow and orange eyeshadow on myself. All in all the Sephora family gave me the warmest welcome and made me feel like a part of their team. And I certainly can't thank them enough for the huge goodie bag I went home with! Now let's have a look at some of the products that were inside!


Best Beauty Boxes Available In Luxembourg

We all know the famous beauty boxes that are being delivered on a monthly basis to beauty addicts all over the world. My absolute favourite has got to be the 'My Little Box' which comes up with the cutest surprises in the history of beauty boxes. Unfortunately, just like so many of the good things in life, the 'My Little Box' isn't available in Luxembourg. I could use my P.O. box to get it sent here but that would cost me an additional 5€ and let's be honest, beauty boxes are already expensive enough. So instead of being annoyed by the injustice of living in one of Europe's smallest countries, I decided to do some research on which beauty boxes are actually available for delivery to Luxembourg. And surprisingly I got more results than I had thought. Do you already know these 7 boxes from Germany, France and Belgium?


Outfit: Fall Office Attire

fashion blogger luxembourg blogueuse mode

Today I'm not really in the mood to talk about my outfit. My feelings are a mess these days and I find it hard to really concentrate on a specific subject. So instead I want to write down a few thoughts about gratitude, as it's something I've been thinking about today. I don't know how about you but I tend to be really ungrateful sometimes. I wallow in self-pity even though I have no reason to feel sorry about myself. The major problem is that we easily forget about the good things in our lives and only think about the bad. We remember every insult but overhear the compliments we get. So after a while we seal ourselves off from others because we think everyone wants to harm us, but we completely forget that we need others, and what's more important, that they need us. Feeling sorry for yourself is easy, but caring about others requires courage. Let's all be a bit braver these days.


Rituals Christmas Collection 'The Ritual Of Light'

Rituals The Ritual Of Light Christmas Collection Review

One of the best things about Christmas has got to be the launch of Christmas themed beauty products (along with the launch of Christmas themed food of course). No wonder that this blog always turns more into a beauty rather than a fashion blog around the last 3 months of the year.

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