28 October 2014

Harry Potter Exhibition

As you know I've spent my weekend in Cologne where I also went to see the Harry Potter exhibition which can currently be visited at the Odysseum museum. I had really been looking forward to this as I've seen so many gorgeous pictures from Harry Potter museums/tours/exhibitions in the UK or US. Unfortunately the exhibition in Germany wasn't that interactive but yet the shown accoutrements looked pretty amazing and it was super interesting seeing items you have never noticed in the movies or to see them from close up. From the clothes Emma Watson wore in the movies to a true-to-life Buckbeak figure you can find everything a Potter fan dreams of. Having read all 7 books during the last year it was really cool discovering all the items that play a role in the story from Xenophilius Lovegood's Deathly Hallows necklace to the Horcruxes. Obviously I didn't go home without a box of Bertie Bott's Beans.
Hands up, who's a Potter fan? Have you made any fan tours or visited Harry Potter relevant places? Can you recommend some in the UK?
This exhibition will still be in Cologne until February 1st, then it'll move on to another city

27 October 2014

OOTD: Royal Yellow

Outfit: dress - PROMOD, blazer, tights - H&M, "Le Pliage" bag - LONGCHAMP, bracelet - THOMAS SABO, ring - PIERRE LORIN (win it here, similar here), boots - street market (similar here)

As you surely know from my Instagram feed I spent a really busy weekend in Cologne. I mainly went there for a concert but I also made use of the occasion to catch up with my best friend whom I hadn't seen for several weeks and to visit the Harry Potter exhibition. Thanks to Julia I could spontaneously add yet another stopover to my little weekend getaway. Only two days before we left she had written a post about this amazing castle not far from Cologne. When I saw the picture I knew I had to go there as well and it wasn't hard to convince my travelling companions.
Thirty minutes from Cologne and only a few minutes from where I lived when I still studied in Germany, you find the picturesque village of Königswinter, which hosts this fairytale castle called Schloss Drachenburg. As soon as we spottet the castle we were really flashes and not only the building itself, but also the gardens and the rooms inside are just magical. The good weather did the rest to make us fall in love with this place. Obviously I wasn't the only one to make us of the pretty setting to take pictures: there was a bridal pair to shoot their wedding pictures in the garden of the castle. And talking about weddings... Yes, this would be the ideal place to get married!
However on Sunday I didn't wear all white yet, but I decided to wear my new 60s inspired dress and to combine the mustard yellow with the bright purple of my Longchamp bag. I recently read that the color blocking trend is outdated but if you ask me it's still one of the best ways to play with fashion.
What have you guys been up to this weekend? Was anybody just as busy as me? If you wanna see more of my weekend in Cologne you should check back tomorrow where I'll be posting the pictures of the Harry Potter exhibition!

26 October 2014

Giveaway: Pochette de Janette

Didn't I promise you something on Friday? Wait, what was that again? Oh yeah, a GIVEAWAY! After talking to you about the Pochettes de Janette several times I guess it's only fair that you'll have the chance to win your own! For those who don't know the Pochette yet, here is what you can win:

And guess what? You lucky, lucky readers will get the full Pochette which means that you'll get an additional surprise item I don't even know about! Besides from that the Pochette contains a Pierre Lorin silver ring worth 45€, a Monop' nail polish worth 2,99€, a Nordal mug provided by Cinnamon Home worth 4€ and the perfume "Valeur Absolue" worth 25€!
So it's definitely worth trying your luck! The procedure is the same as always and this time the giveaway is open Europe-wide.

Good luck to you and big thanks to Janette for offering us this cute giveaway!

24 October 2014

Janette Porte Courrèges

courrèges store luxembourg

courrèges store luxembourg party

courrèges clothes

courrèges store luxembourg

Janette porte Courrèges

Courrèges clothes

Anne-Lousie Gautier Nez

Courrèges parfums

blogger_LU fashion bloggers Luxembourg
Since the launch of Janette Magazine last month, I was eagerly waiting for the second issue to arrive so I was really delighted when I got an invitation to another Janette event. The lovely girls behind the magazine had organised an evening at the French fashion store Courrèges, not only to celebrate the launch of the second issue of their magazine, but also to make us (re)discover the old and new Courrèges perfumes.
Therefore Courrèges had especially invited Anne-Louise Gautier, a Parisian perfume expert who talked about the perfumes with an incredible passion. In fact I had never met somebody who works with perfumes and it was so nice to discover the Courrèges perfumes with her as she always asked us about our opinion on the various scents and also stressed that it's no so important to smell what a scent is made of, but to associate a smell with a positive feeling. From the five perfumes she introduced I liked the "Courrèges in blue" and the "Courrèges blanc" best. The blue one smells of lavender while the white one really reminded me of one of my favourite perfumes, "Prada Candy". Also the "Eau de Courrèges" was really nice and super fresh and thus reminded me of my "4711 Acqua Colonia" which is also based on citrus fruits. So if you happen to be on the lookout for a new perfume not everybody has you should definitely check out the Courrèges selection as with only 5 scents they managed to create a smell for everybody!
However perfumes were not the only thing I discovered that night because I fell deeply in love with the Courrèges fashion as well. I have never seen a better combination of cute 60s style and modern simplicity and funnily enough I had decided to wear my 60s inspired dress that evening so I felt I was matching the scenery quite well (even though my dress did of course only cost a fraction of the Courrèges dresses... but psst!)
And as bloggers are "spoilt pigs" (to quote my friend Imena) we also got a goodie bag not only with the second issue of the magazine but also of the Pochette de Janette! As I know that you're curious little girls (and boys?) I added a picture of the content of this month's Pochette. And who knows, maybe one of you might get the chance to win a Pochette as well? Stay tuned for that...

So huge thanks to Janette Magazine and to Courrèges who managed to grant me another lovely evening in Luxembourg city with my blogger_LU girls.