Growing out a Fringe in 3 Steps

hairdos to grow out a fringe in 3 steps

As announced here last month, I'm currently growing out my straight fringe. One of the reasons why I haven't done this earlier, is the awkward stage of mid-length fringe-hair I didn't wanna deal with. However there are some really easy ways to style a fringe at the different growing-out stages without looking like you can't afford a hairdresser. The best part is that you do indeed not need a hairdresser until your fringe is at chin-length. My tips also work without bobby pins, hairbands, or any other tools.


Outfit: Lace Dress on Flared Jeans

lace dress on flared jeans outfit

I think I'm slowly getting better at re-combining old clothes. In fact most of the outfits I posted here during the last few months, consisted of clothes from old collections and I really don't mind not always wearing new stuff as you can easily recreate the latest trends with pieces you already have at home. I admit that these flared jeans are from a fall/winter 2015 collection, but the lace dress is from 2011 or so. Also the shoes, even though you can't see much of them, are from an old collection, namely the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collaboration.


Nude Mood

perfect nude outfit looks for any season

This whole week I really felt like spring cleaning so I went through pretty much all the stuff I have in my room and threw away what I don't need anymore. I also went through all of my clothes and noticed that there was one colour scheme seriously missing in my wardrobe. While I do have some beige knitwear, I am pretty poor in nude classics like coats or pants. Why have I been missing out on this goodness for so long? Probably because I was too busy considering whether I'm an all-black-everything type of girl, or if the "colourful" side in me is too strong to give up on green, pink and orange clothes.


Tried and Tested: Lush Unicorn Horn

Long time no Lush post, right? As you know the "fresh handmade cosmetics" brand offers special collections for different occasions, and one of them is Valentine's Day. As the collection is about the same as last time, I decided to finally review the "Unicorn Horn" which I already got last year (along with this other stuff). It is a bubble bar which comes in magical rainbow colours and has glitter and stars on it. According to Lush's website it contains lavender and neroli oil which contribute to making us feel relaxed and happy.


Tips for a Successful Shooting in the Snow

bonn schnee snow 2012

One of the good things about living in the North of Luxembourg, is that you see snow before everybody else does. And you get snow way more often, too. Today for example I saw some snowflakes fall from the sky, while most other people in the country only saw rain and grey clouds. Okay it's not as magical as it sounds because by now everything has turned into white sludge. But you get my point: I like snow. Mainly because it turns the evergreen and ever-same landscape we have over here into a white winter wonderland, which makes it perfect for outfit shootings. Basically there are just really few things you need to consider, so let's have a look at them together with some examples of how some of my favourite Luxembourgish bloggers were rocking snow shootings:

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