24 January 2015

OOTD: Skirt in the Snow

pleated summer maxi skirt winter snow
We got some more snow in Luxembourg so I absolutely had to go out and shoot some outfit pictures. And I'm continuing to include summer favourites into my winter wardrobe. This time I choose this lovely pleated skit which I already bought about 5 years ago. The trick to keep warm? Leggings and knee high boots!

22 January 2015

5 Favourite Lip Products of the Season

I must admit that I was never really into wearing lip gloss or lipstick. Too sticky, too hard to apply, to much of a mess when you eat and simply too much for everyday life (in my case school and university). However lately I've been taking out my lippies more and more and I love how they can change an entire outfit from casual to noticeable. Sometimes they're the last accessory you're lacking off. So now that I finally entered the lipstick jungle I wanted to show you my 5 favs of the season.

20 January 2015

OOTD: Jungle Print

zara jungle tropical print blazer green

After wearing white pants last week, I thought I'd transfer another aestival piece of clothing into my winter wardrobe. Because after all a green jungle print doesn't necessarily scream "cold days". But I felt like wearing this blazer again and combining it a bit more casually this time. The only hidden extra: some lace looking out from under my sleeves.

18 January 2015

Ready for this Coffee Shop?!

ready?! coffee shop Luxembourg Limpertsberg
In Luxembourg we don't have a Starbucks. We don't have Coffee Fellows either. Also no Costa or any of the other cool hipster coffee shop chains I can think of right now. BUT Luxembourg has got Ready?! which I discovered during yesterday's blogger meeting.

16 January 2015

5 Must Have Flats for Summer 2015

5 must have pairs flats summer gladiator sandals Birkenstock cut out

High heels and I will never be friends. They've been fascinating me since I was a child but everything over 5cm will give me terrible foot aches. So after years of buying and never wearing them, I accepted my fate and even lost my fascination for anything high heeled. The only version that still gets me to my knees are simplistic pointed heels in nude or silver. Luckily enough flats are up-and-coming and offer an alternative for every shoe occasion. Let's start a shoevolution with these 5 cute pairs for next summer:
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