Black Flat Booties for the Comfy-Casual Girl

best black flat fall boots booties

The title says that this post is for the comfy-casual lady, but let's be honest: This is surely first and foremost for those women, who just like me, can't walk in heels all day long. I mean there are sooo many pretty boots and booties out there, but so many of them come with heels higher than 5cm. The ladies who buy those shoes, don't they feel pain in their feet or don't they have to walk during the day? Anyway if you're looking for flat boots you'll end up with the boring or the androgynous options. If then you have to add a colour choice (like black in my case because black goes with way more of my outfits than brown) you'll be left with a really small choice.


Outfit: 70s Girl

brown mini skirt boots 70s inspired outfit

Most people think that in order to follow the latest trends, you necessarily have to buy new clothes and accessories every season. However everything comes back in fashion, be it after 5 years, or after 20 years. If for example you have a look at the 70s trend, you will notice that there are many style elements that we haven't been missing for 40 years. Just think about the flared pants: They are part of the 70s trend but they were also major style elements of 80s, 90s and even 2000s fashion. So instead of splurging on new clothes every season, we can simply keep our old clothes if they are still in a good quality and they are sure to be useful again sooner or later. Furthermore trends mostly aren't about single items but about moods, styles and looks. To me the 70s trend is about flared jeans, mini skirts, boots, turtlenecks and brown shades. So why do I need the A-line button-down skirt of brand xy, if a brown mini skirt from my closet will do the trick?


Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2015

You might be thinking that I'm completely nuts to already talk about Advent calendars when we've all only just accepted the fact that summer is over. But I'm not the only fanatic as my search results are showing me that some of you started having a look at my past beauty Advent calendar posts already. Also some of the best examples have already been released or will be available quite shorty and we all know that the most popular beauty Advent calendars are sold out in no time. My favourite this year has got to be the L'Occitane Advent calendar as it has been designed by the talented Kanako, illustrator at My Little Paris, and it's even one of the cheapest examples this year. So here I'm sharing all of the good beauty Advent calendars I'll be coming across during the next weeks which means that this post will regularly be updated with prices, release dates and availability, too!


Outfit: Boyfriend Jeans Meet Girlfriend Blazer

outfit boyfriend jeans blazer

Only yesterday I've been thinking about how the more accurate name for my blog would have been "Mood of the Day", or something like that. Not just because I dress accordingly to my mood pretty much all of the time, but also because it happens to me that I hate an outfit only a few weeks after wearing (and loving) it.


Manalena Fall/Winter Collection

These pictures for the Manalena fall/winter collection have already been shot last March in Paris. And just as in the spring/summer collection, everybody can find something that suits their style in Maddalena Oliva's latest collection.