27 August 2014

OOTD: Palais Grand-Ducal

Outfit: blazer - ZARA, skirt - SPRINGFIELD, scarf - H&M, ring - via ARGENTO, bag - BRACCIALINI, shoes and earrings - street market in Riccione

Networking. The word has been abused in relation to social media too many times. Some people may even think that the essence of networking is having 1000 Facebook friends. But it isn't. Networking is about sitting down with friends or colleagues in order to share knowledge and to give each other feedback. It's a truly magical thing and last Saturday I had the occasion to be part of a real life networking experience at its best. It was the first meeting of the Luxembourgish bloggers being planned and organized in our Facebook group called #blogger_LU (new members are warmly welcome so just drop me a note if you're a blogger in or from Luxembourg!). We had decided to meet at the vegan café Am Véierzéng which can be found inside the building of the History Museum of Luxembourg City. As we were too busy with getting to know each other I didn't have the occasion to take pictures or to order anything else than an almond and rice milk macchiato (which was really good by the way and which I will try to make at home these days). You may know that I am the lucky member of a blogger group in Germany as well but it was so different talking to Luxembourgish bloggers with which I share problems like the language question (Luxembourg has three official languages) or the almost none existing blogging scene in our country. However I really hope that together we will be able to make blogging a more accepted business over here and to grow together as a group in the course of time.
After the meeting Anouk was kind enough to take outfit pictures with me in front of the Grand-Ducal Palace, which I might consider as a shooting place more often hereafter. Funnily enough I also took a few snaps of Anouk in order to show her the angles I wanted for my pictures and upon this she did her very first OOTD post, accidental outfit post as she calls it.

25 August 2014

Manic(ure) Monday: One Week Travel Manicure

The beauty case, is that a word still common to you? When going on holiday I always see the one or the other elegant lady carrying hers around but I think they are pretty 80s. I own one myself but never took it on holiday as I think they are rather useless, especially these days with the strict safety precautions at the airports because of which you can't take your beauty case as hand luggage. However this year when trailing behind me a huge suitcase with both mine and my sister's toilet bags being the heaviest things in there, I started thinking about beauty cases again. As they still aren't an option though I realised that I should simply take less beauty products on holidays to solve this overweight problem. Hence why not start with all my manicure essentials?

sunnies - SARAGHINA, nail file - AGNÈS B., nail polishes - CHEEKY/KIKO/DOUGLAS, top coat - p2

What would you normally take on holiday to maintain your manicure for a whole week? Maybe a nail polish remover, a nail file, the nail polish you applied to your nails, why not yet another shade simply to have the option?, a base coat, a top coat, some glitter nail polish (you never know!),... So that ain't just way too much stuff but that also makes about 300 useless grams in your suitcase (yes I really just weighed this...). Here is my trick for a one-week-lasting holiday manicure that only requires two tools in your toilet bag (or beauty case for the old-school girls among you): a top coat and a nail file.

1. At home: Create a long-lasting manicure by applying a base coat, two coats of your desired colour (choose one that matches all your outfits so you won't need to take any other shade on holiday) and a top coat. Do this the evening or the morning before leaving but after packing your suitcase so the chances are high you haven't ruined your manicure when arriving on your holiday destination.
2. On holiday: For the first 3 or 4 days apply the top coat every evening in order to protect your manicure. Sun, sand and saltwater will be really harsh to your manicure so your nail polish may be all matt and scratched up in the evening. Did you know there are special top coats with UV filters to use during summer? For example the ORLY "Sunscreen For Nails".
After the 3rd or 4th day the nail polish will start chipping off and that's where the nail file (or nail trimmer) comes in. Simply use it to shorten your nails so the edges look neat again. Don't forget to apply the top coat immediately after this and enjoy your flawless manicure for another 3 days.

Read more of my hints for a long-lasting manicure here. Will you also share your ultimate travel beauty tips with me?

23 August 2014

OOTD: Grey and Green

Outfit: blouse - Miss Captain, pants - H&M Divided, sandals - Aldi, bag - Braccialini, fly necklace - Pierre Lang, ankle chain - Asos, glasses - Ralph Lauren

On Thursday I wore this casual outfit to go shopping with a friend (see a mini haul on my Instagram account). We were lucky to have a few sunny moments to take these pics as the days tend to be really cool and cloudy lately. Besides from my surprisingly versatile grey jeans I was wearing a blouse with lurex details and my beloved Birkenstock dupes. Don't you think the three things go pretty well together and make a nice casual look?

22 August 2014

New In: Italy Haul

So yesterday I told you about my shopping experience in Italy and some of you might have been wondering what I actually bought (well at least my friend Sarah already asked me when I would finally make a haul post...). Wonder no longer, here are my pickings from the country of fashion:

scarves - street market in Riccione - 2 for 5€

 snakeskin look bag - street market in Riccione - 29€ 27€

 cardigan - street market in Riccione - 20€

 table runner - Coincasa - 9,90€

 "Mise en Dior" dupes - street market in Riccione - 3€
elephant bracelet - tourist shop in Cattolica - 1€

374 Pearly Chocolate Noir - Kiko - 1,90€
357 Bright Orange - Kiko - 1,90€

cut out boots - street market in Riccione - 15€

Can we talk about street markets in Italy for a second? I mean yesterday I already told you how amazing they are but when seeing my purchases and the prices you have to admit that they're probably the coolest thing ever! Especially when considering that some shops in Cattolica or San Marino sold the same bag for 39€ and the same earrings for 6€! And both the bag and the cardigan are an amazing quality, the cardigan being the cosiest jacket I own. Anyway if I should happen to go to Italy again the local street markets will be the first thing I'll check out!
Do you know any good street markets in your country? Have you made similarly awesome finds on your summer holiday this year?

21 August 2014

Holidays in Italy: Rimini & Riccione

As I already told you I discovered quite a few cities during my holiday in Italy. Two days ago I talked to you about the great gastronomy Cattolica has to offer and today I want to introduce Rimini and Riccione with regard to shopping possibilities. These are the shops I was glad to discover (plus some random pics taken in both cities):

This cosmetics brand probably isn't news to you and it wasn't to me either as I'm a huge fan of the Kiko nail polishes and have been using some for my manicure posts before. However regarding the fact that it's an Italian brand and that I gladly entered two stores in order to stack up my nail polish collection I just had to mention the store. If you have the choice between the store in Riccione and the store in Rimini I highly recommend the former as the saleswomen over there were way friendlier and also more ready to help. 

Viale Ceccarini 85/85A
47838 Riccione

Via Caduti Nassiriya 20
47900 Rimini

Besides from entering local stores I have heard of before I also love to end up in shops that are totally new to me and that don't even exist in my country. One of those stores in Italy was Coin which I discovered in Rimini. It's a multistory building selling everything you need from beauty products to jewellery over clothes up to home accessories (H&M home!). The range is just right, featuring all the girly stuff we love without being overcrowded and the price range is okay, too! Besides from discovering the makeup brand Pupa, the store allowed me to take home a super cute table runner from the home section.

Corso D'Augusto, 59
47921 Rimini

It was love at first sight and I already loved it when I hadn't even entered it. But in order to tell you the Brandina story I have to start at the airport of Rimini. Because in fact Italy is just such a fashionable country that in your hotel you will find more flyers about outlet stores than about theme parks and at the airport you wait for your luggage next to a table loaded up with shopping guides like the "SHOP Rimini and Riccione" which I read eagerly (you want to be prepared well for your holiday, right?). Okay long story short: the shopping guide recommended the Brandina store: "Designed and made by hand in Italy, Brandina's bags and accessories embody the spirit of the Adriatic Riviera. Each item is made from the same durable material used for sunlounger seating and is available in a range of bright, summery colours." When I saw the first store in Rimini I just had to enter. I then also visited the stores in Riccione and Cattolica (the one in Riccione being the most spectacular one!) and I was about to buy one of these bags more than once... Heaven knows how I could escape the three stores without leaving a single penny!

Via Garibaldi, 15 / Via Vespucci, 33
47921 Rimini

Viale Gramsci, 1
47838 Riccione

Street market in Riccione
So up to now we're having three shops and I only made a find in two of them. So either I came home with quite empty bags or there was another place that hit me in the pocket. Three words: Riccione, market, Friday! I don't know how about the place where you live but in my country a street market hasn't got that much to do with fashion. In Italy however everything has got to do with fashion and so every Friday from 7am to 1pm at the Piazza Unità in Riccione you can find tunics (in every colour of the rainbow), jewellery (from tassel necklaces to "Mise en Dior" dupes), bags (from pompom clutches to fake snakeskin totes), pretty(!) clothes, shoes (from sandals to winter boots), and so much more (tablecloths, pans, babygrows,...) Honestly if we wouldn't have gone to this market I would have been disappointed by Italy's shopping possibilities because there were stores everywhere we went but most of them were tourist shops or the always same beach fashion shops.

Riccione Street Market
Piazza Unità
every Friday from 7am to 1pm

All in all shopping in Italy is so easy as you can do so everywhere and the next fashion advertisement or store guide isn't far. Also there were still huge sales going on but I was still a bit disappointed, especially of Rimini which I had imagined as a vibrant metropolis but it turned out to be a manageable tourist location in which you have a hard time finding a good restaurant. All in all you will neither need a lot of time to do the stores in Rimini or Riccione as they are all located in one street (Viale Maria Ceccarini in Riccione) or around one square (Piazza Tre Martiri in Rimini).
In order to see what I bought in the end you will have to wait for my haul though which will be up on the blog the next days! Where have you had your best shopping experience so far? Do you think Italy is really more fashionable than other countries?