15 April 2014

Shopping in Maastricht

Last weekend my aunt and I went to Belgium to visit friends I hadn't seen in two years or so. I have been knowing them almost all my life and to me they're just like family. Our yearly meetings have become one of the nicest traditions in my life and it's always a pleasure catching up on their lives.
As usually we arrived at our friends' house on Saturday noon and after lunch we went to Maastricht (which is in the Netherlands but not far away from where our friends live). I think that Maastricht is such a wonderful city, it's among my top 5 favourite cities ever, and it tends to remind me of London a little bit. The shopping and eating possibilities are really huge (I can especially recommend V&D and Pinky) and I love looking at the many typically Dutch buildings.
On Saturday evening we went bowling and on Sunday we visited the open-air museum in Bokrijk. After a yummy lunch it was time to say goodbye and I really can't wait to see our friends again in summer.

What have you guys been up to this weekend? Who of you has been in Maastricht before?

P.S.: The shopping haul will be up on the blog this week!

14 April 2014

Manic(ure) Monday: Easter Inspiration

Easter is just one week ahead so it's time to think about your bunny mani! I really adore the first manicure but for Easter every pastel dotted or speckled mani works just fine. Why not make a 2in1 egg dying & nail art session? I might use my L'Oréal Confettis top coat with a nice pastel color like I already did in this post. What about you?

13 April 2014

My Week on Instagram

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12 April 2014

Sneakers Love

I fell in love... with a pair of trainers! It was love at first sight and now I can't stop thinking about how good they would look on my feet. And even though they look amazing in all colours I'm craving the purple pair. It's this lilac shade I love on my finger nails (think Essie Lilacism!) and that we will probably see quite often this spring. I could order them for 115€ but I hate spending so much money on shoes and I still have that pair of Reebok Traintones which I can wear to gym...

(Red and yellow pair via Asos, lilac pair via Runners Point)

Shop more colours here:

Do you guys think the price is okay and would you wear these outside the gym as well? What is your favourite colour for trainers?

11 April 2014

New In: Beauty and Shoes

University has started again which means I'm back in Germany and I ringed in the new term with some (online) shopping. I still had an Asos voucher which I couldn't wait to redeem and I had also ordered the Valentino lookalike kitten heels from the Deichmann Blogger Collection by Caroline Blomst. Then I also couldn't wait to go to my favorite drugstore dm again as soon as I was back in Germany. Here is my little haul of beauty products and shoes:

Treaclemoon One Ginger Morning shower cream - 3,95€

Another item I had ordered at Asos but won't keep is this peplum top. Unfortunately it isn't blue and white as it seems on the pictures but rather blue and beige which looks pretty frumpy. What do you think about the other items? I will of course be posting outfit pics wearing the shoes and I already gave most of the beauty products a try so you can expect reviews of the most interesting ones.