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How To Project Your Image On Camera

Presenting yourself on camera may sound straightforward, but there’s more to it. Before you make an appearance in a video, take your image into account first.

Read more to learn about selecting the most effective dress colors, patterns, and shapes on camera. As a bonus, you will also find out which of these wardrobe elements you have to avoid when presenting on-camera.

1. Identify the Image You Choose To Portray

Your entire image plays a huge role in your on-camera appearance.

If you want to appear as a credible and professional individual, go for a tailored suit. If you are being conversational with your audience, opt for casual clothes like a blouse and jeans.

2. Pick Colors That Are Camera-Friendly

Solid hues with several colored patterns as a backdrop work best on-camera. Your choice of colors is a vital part where your audience should grasp the underlying message you’re conveying.

A handful of examples involve emerald green, ruby red, and topaz yellow.

3. Stay Away From Bold Patterns

It’s extremely important to avoid wearing dresses with patterns or textures that are distracting. Outfit designs such as large plaids and cheeky stripes are not recommended.

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