Photography Tips for Clothing Photoshoots With Models

Photographing fashion is one of the most exciting projects that you can undertake. Clothing photoshoots are a great way to catch your audience’s eye and highlight the pieces you wish to show off. Moreover, your vision can be limitless because of your subject’s versatility.

Adding a model into the mix can take your photoshoot to the next level. Doing so makes your photos more dynamic and can emphasize your vision by adding a human element. If you’re looking for tips to maximize your photoshoot with them, here are some tips that can help you.

Make your vision dynamic

Try to visualize how you can best highlight pieces in your photos. A plain background in a studio is a classic option since it reduces any background noise that can distract audiences from the clothes. However, working with a model allows you to add dimension to pieces. Try to see how you can work with them to highlight what the clothes stand for. For instance, if the pieces are meant to empower working individuals, you can have the model channel their energy in a cosmopolitan setting. If the clothes are luxurious, then you can have them interact with elegant items like extravagant flower arrangements or grand staircases. If you want to portray casual fun, then have your models revel in the sunlight. When done well, your vision attracts viewers’ eyes and gets them to envision themselves in your clothing.

Choose the right camera

Because clothing photoshoots are meant to highlight a product, it’s essential to ensure that the quality of your photos is up to par with your standard. For this reason, most professional photographers use DSLR cameras. They’re one of the most versatile tools for photography and can immediately present you with a raw image, making it easier to direct your model for any corrections. This makes it easier to approximate what your final edited image will look like. Of course, not all photoshoots are the same — some may choose more unorthodox presentations of their clothes. For artistic projects, film cameras can give you a unique edge. Because of their classic vibe, film photography has risen over the past few years. You would only have one shot with your model, making this a truly collaborative experience to maximize the film. But this sense of risk can trigger excitement in your photoshoot and your audience’s reception of the finished product.

Explore lighting

In photography, lighting is a unique language that communicates different moods. Try to experiment with different types of lighting to highlight your clothes’ strengths. If your clothes are vibrant and celebratory, then a model in natural lighting can bring them to life. Meanwhile, if your pieces focus on creating strong silhouettes, situating your model in a more unique dark setting can highlight these shapes, making your photos truly alluring. Try to experiment with lighting from various angles and see how your models work with those scenarios.

Experiment with your lenses

Another way to explore different looks in your images is with your lenses. Focal length can determine the distortion and amount of drama you have in your pictures. For instance, 12-24mm ultra-wide angle lenses can capture a wider scene, allowing your models to create dynamic compositions with the pieces. 70-200mm lenses, on the other hand, result in greater background separation, enabling you to highlight individual models and their expressions for more traditional close-up portraits.

How you collaborate with models to highlight clothing can make your final photos incredibly dynamic. Playing around with these techniques allows you to create a unique photoshoot that captures your audience’s eyes.

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