Everyone deserves the right to achieve their ideal fashion statement and flaunt it with style whenever and wherever they go. If they are given the chance to show off their stylistic flair in front of the camera, it would be even better.

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How THC is Changing the Face of Fashion Photography

The intersection of fashion photography and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is an intriguing evolution in the creative world. THC, which is known for its psychoactive properties, is playing a significant role in reshaping the aesthetics, conceptualization, and execution of fashion photography.
In this kaleidoscope of creativity, photographers are experimenting with surreal visuals and heightened sensory experiences, surrounded by the vibrant hues of a cannabis-inspired dreamscape, posing for a photoshoot fueled by the artistic synergy of THC gummies.
In this article, we’re …


Ways CBD Changed the Fashion Industry

Following the exponential growth in the cannabis and CBD industry, various companies are beginning to embrace the benefits of infusing All-natural CBD by CBDNorth into their products. Surprisingly, the fashion industry is not left out. With iconic fashion celebrities like Kim Kardashian endorsing the use of CBD, the fashion industry is slowly but steadily joining in on the trend.
CBD and Its Relation to the Fashion Industry
Since discovering CBD alongside its health and therapeutic benefits, researchers have continued to look for ways to infuse it into our …


Finding A Specialized Market For Your Fashion Products

Clothing is an essential part of daily life, but it does not mean each person should wear the same garment that everyone dons.
If you want someone to stand out from the crowd, you must think about offering a product line according to your business objectives. Find out more below on how to find a specific market for your wardrobe products.
1. Sell A Unique Product Line
Offer a distinctive collection of fashion products that are in line with your tastes. As much as possible, make sure that your brand differentiates itself from the rest of your potential competitors, or you will risk losing market visibility.


How to Set Up An Apparel Photo Studio Kit

High-quality photography may not be required for an apparel eCommerce store. However, employing such a technique will help boost your sales, attract new shoppers, and establish a customer base. You can achieve this level of camerawork even with just a shoestring budget and a few practical tools by skimming through the tips below.
1. Arrange Your Clothes
Fix any stains, wrinkles, or any other observable spots on your products. Additionally, you may use any photo editing software to remove those defects digitally, but doing so takes time to get used to.
Do your best to make those wardrobes as presentable as possible….


Clothing Photoshoot Hacks to Help Boost Your Online Store

Making your clothes as vibrant as possible on your online store is not as hard as you think, but still, it can make a difference between a successful sale and a failed attempt at attracting new buyers. Luckily, you can use the following photography tricks to emphasize the most important details of your garments using the appropriate resources.
There are multiple ways to display apparel products on your e-commerce store.
First, use flat lay photography since it’s among the most accessible and affordable ways to take photos of your wardrobes. It works best with shirts, socks, and trousers. To do so, simply use a big piece…

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How To Look Confident On Camera

Your garment selection could dictate how your confidence will appear on camera and, in the process, should aid you in audience engagement. As long as you look confident on-screen, the crowd will try to grasp the core message you are relaying – not focus on the subtlest deformities on your dress. Keep in mind the following tips to look your best and feel good on camera.
1. Mind Your Backdrop Sensibly
The backdrop is one of the vital elements you should consider before facing the camera and subsequently the audience. If you wear any colored wardrobe with a dim background behind, for example, chances are you will not …

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Choosing the Right Clothes To Wear On Camera

Video production planning can be a nerve-racking experience, especially during wardrobe selection. You will get anxious regarding which clothes to wear, thus giving you a harder time. In this section, you will learn a few things in terms of making the right garment choice to wear in front of the camera.
1. Solid-Colored Garbs
Select a set of clothing with rich and solid colors because they appear best on video. Wardrobes that compliment your skin tone are top choices, too. When it comes to color, your safest bet could be either light beige or light grey.
2. Warm-Colored Garments
Choose a couple of outfits …

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Top Picks for Active Date Night Ideas

A lot of social activities have been affected lately, and dating happens to be one of them. However, this pandemic should not prevent you and your partner from spending quality time with each other. Make your date nights lively and fun by adding some twists to them.
Check out these few clever ideas below so you can plan ahead of time.
1. Fishing
Try fishing with your beau together when you have the time. This relaxing activity is a perfect excuse to get back to nature and unwind.
2. Garage Sale Hunt
A great way to declutter your home, a garage sale exercise is simply a test to find out who among you …

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