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Top Picks for Active Date Night Ideas

A lot of social activities have been affected lately, and dating happens to be one of them. However, this pandemic should not prevent you and your partner from spending quality time with each other. Make your date nights lively and fun by adding some twists to them.

Check out these few clever ideas below so you can plan ahead of time.

1. Fishing

Try fishing with your beau together when you have the time. This relaxing activity is a perfect excuse to get back to nature and unwind.

2. Garage Sale Hunt

A great way to declutter your home, a garage sale exercise is simply a test to find out who among you and your significant other get to retrieve the most number of potential objects.

3. Nighttime Hike

For a more natural and intimate experience, you should try hiking with your better half at night. Once you reach your destination, try setting up a bonfire and gazing at the stars.

4. Outdoor Obstacle Course

Building an outside obstacle course doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Even the simplest challenges for each stage will give you and your partner enough joy.

5. Two-Person Fitness Activity

There are quite a couple of engaging fitness challenges requiring two people to pull off, one of which is a series of team sit-ups.

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