Ways CBD Changed the Fashion Industry

Following the exponential growth in the cannabis and CBD industry, various companies are beginning to embrace the benefits of infusing All-natural CBD by CBDNorth into their products. Surprisingly, the fashion industry is not left out. With iconic fashion celebrities like Kim Kardashian endorsing the use of CBD, the fashion industry is slowly but steadily joining in on the trend.

CBD and Its Relation to the Fashion Industry

Since discovering CBD alongside its health and therapeutic benefits, researchers have continued to look for ways to infuse it into our everyday lives. Now, many textile companies have technology that helps infuse CBD into textiles to produce clothes. As an alternative means of fabric production, CBD reduces the high demand for cotton in the textile industry.

Besides, the fashion and textile industry contributes to a significant amount of industrial waste. Infusing CBD microcapsules to produce textile materials helps reduce waste and industrial carbon footprint. With the rising interest in CBD, fashion companies are starting to infuse CBD products into sportswear, bedding, pyjamas, footwear, and even beauty products and accessories.

Is CBD in Fashion Worthwhile?

So far, many people have embraced the invention and use of CBD clothing and fabrics to wear on camera. For instance, CBD-infused pyjamas and bedding help promote better sleep and help those dealing with insomnia. Mothers have reported that using CBD pyjamas for their kids has promoted calmness and a night of restful sleep.

A luxury brand, Acabada ProActiveWear, launched its CBD oil-infused sportswear, claiming these had anti-inflammatory properties that help during workouts. The company believes their wears have pain-relieving properties to help soothe the muscles and joints after a vigorous workout. While these claims are not certain, it is widely believed that CBD-infused wear can greatly improve relaxation.

CBD Wears: Hit or Miss?

Almost everyone is getting their hands on CBD wear due to reports about their wellness benefits. These colorful, breathable outfits come in varieties and are becoming popular.

There have been claims that they help deal with insomnia, improve relaxation, enhance the skin and keep one hydrated and cool all day. There’s no hard evidence to prove these claims are correct.

Future of CBD in the Fashion Industry

So far, fashion companies have continued to infuse CBD into their fabrics, ready-to-wear outfits, and products. Fashion consumers, in turn, are promoting these products leading to significant growth in the CBD/fashion industry.

Whether this trend has come to stay hasn’t fully been ascertained. The reasons for CBD use in the fashion industry aren’t so clear. However, the growth is encouraging, and the fashion industry is discovering ways to ensure that CBD-infused wears and products are long-lasting and perform effectively.

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