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Choosing the Right Clothes To Wear On Camera

Video production planning can be a nerve-racking experience, especially during wardrobe selection. You will get anxious regarding which clothes to wear, thus giving you a harder time. In this section, you will learn a few things in terms of making the right garment choice to wear in front of the camera.

1. Solid-Colored Garbs

Select a set of clothing with rich and solid colors because they appear best on video. Wardrobes that compliment your skin tone are top choices, too. When it comes to color, your safest bet could be either light beige or light grey.

2. Warm-Colored Garments

Choose a couple of outfits that exhibit warm pigments. A garment that radiates cobalt, coral, or teal will stand out on-screen.

For ladies, don a top showing one of these colors, and your face will warm up. For gentlemen, add a necktie with at least one of these shades to give your outfit an added punch.

3. Jewel-Less Clothing

As much as possible, keep your jewelry simple or minimize the inclusion of such fashion accessories. The microphone will pick up even those slightly dangly sounds.

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