How to Set Up An Apparel Photo Studio Kit

High-quality photography may not be required for an apparel eCommerce store. However, employing such a technique will help boost your sales, attract new shoppers, and establish a customer base. You can achieve this level of camerawork even with just a shoestring budget and a few practical tools by skimming through the tips below.

1. Arrange Your Clothes

Fix any stains, wrinkles, or any other observable spots on your products. Additionally, you may use any photo editing software to remove those defects digitally, but doing so takes time to get used to.

Do your best to make those wardrobes as presentable as possible.

2. Assemble Your DIY Photo Studio

The excellent thing about a self-build photography studio is that you can use any unused space in your home, be it tiny or huge.

3. Place A Bright Portable Backdrop

Make sure to use a portable backdrop with a white or light grey color on it. This will allow you to achieve near-accurate colors and avoid any hindrances.

4. Use A DSLR Camera

Choose a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera that features the least possible configurations for manual exposure and aperture. It’s best if you use a tripod for that stable photoshoot.

Moreover, a smartphone camera will do as well in case you’re on a shoestring budget.

5. Integrate Natural Lighting

When it comes to lighting, incorporate natural window light as much as you can. Natural light is widely known for being the best source of lighting for clothes. They will make your products come to life.

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