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Choosing the Right Clothes To Wear On Camera

Video production planning can be a nerve-racking experience, especially during wardrobe selection. You will get anxious regarding which clothes to wear, thus giving you a harder time. In this section, you will learn a few things in terms of making the right garment choice to wear in front of the camera.
1. Solid-Colored Garbs
Select a set of clothing with rich and solid colors because they appear best on video. Wardrobes that compliment your skin tone are top choices, too. When it comes to color, your safest bet could be either light beige or light grey.
2. Warm-Colored Garments
Choose a couple of outfits …

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A Surprisingly Adaptive Summer Outfit

If you have an unused piece of overall shorts in your closet, do not give them away for good just yet. Instead, try to get creative with that piece because it can be paired with a few sophisticated yet chic pieces, letting you shift cleverly into the fall season. Simply follow through with the tips below to achieve that autumn look you have been searching for.
1. A Well-Defined Blazer
Unexpectedly, a structured blazer on top of overall shorts will give you that cheeky cosmopolitan look. For an added twist, you may also choose to wear a long blazer.
2. A Pair of Over-the-Knee Boots
For a more refined look, …

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Top Picks for Active Date Night Ideas

A lot of social activities have been affected lately, and dating happens to be one of them. However, this pandemic should not prevent you and your partner from spending quality time with each other. Make your date nights lively and fun by adding some twists to them.
Check out these few clever ideas below so you can plan ahead of time.
1. Fishing
Try fishing with your beau together when you have the time. This relaxing activity is a perfect excuse to get back to nature and unwind.
2. Garage Sale Hunt
A great way to declutter your home, a garage sale exercise is simply a test to find out who among you …


Four Best Fashion Accessories In 2021

With 2020 coming to an end, the next year will bring forth a variety of fashion trends ranging from classic adornments to statement pieces. The good news is you can check out the best accessory collections by renowned stylists from the comforts of your home. There is no doubt 2021 will be the year fashion accessories become huge.

First up, luxury bags and carry accessories will be making the rounds in 2021…


Top Three Fashion Fads In 2021

Last year was a rough time for a huge number of industries including fashion. Now that 2020 has ended, a few high-profile fashion stylists have made numerous forecasts that would potentially involve the top fads for 2021.
Although high-waisted pants are highly popular among ladies, these chic styles will likely be favored by gentlemen this year. According to this specific prediction, the main reason behind this eventual surge of popularity is that men realized wearing high-waisted pants makes them appear leaner and taller. Further, vintage silhouettes dating between 1950 and 1960 will have a big influence on men’s fashion in …

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Fresh Valentine Gift Ideas To Check Out

Valentine’s Day celebration is not just about handing out a fresh bouquet or a tempting box of chocolates as a gift. There are other brilliant sorts of romantic presents for your significant other. Below you will discover more unique Valentine gift ideas to choose from.
1. A Globe or Map
Look for an available globe or map at a nearby store. This way, you can pin down all the places you both have been to at the same time. Add to that a couple of your travel photos with a few notes on the back indicating the most memorable moments you shared.
2. Dinner Reservation
Booking a dinner reservation a few weeks…