Top Three Fashion Fads In 2021

Last year was a rough time for a huge number of industries including fashion. Now that 2020 has ended, a few high-profile fashion stylists have made numerous forecasts that would potentially involve the top fads for 2021.

Although high-waisted pants are highly popular among ladies, these chic styles will likely be favored by gentlemen this year. According to this specific prediction, the main reason behind this eventual surge of popularity is that men realized wearing high-waisted pants makes them appear leaner and taller. Further, vintage silhouettes dating between 1950 and 1960 will have a big influence on men’s fashion in 2021.

Moving on to trends in women’s fashion, statement sleeves will gradually achieve popularity this 2021. Particular sleeve styles that will see a sudden rise include the bell and balloon variants filled with a retro visual detail. Moreover, expect to see more statement sleeves decorated with grand ruffles this year.

Meanwhile, “shackets” have also gained widespread regard this 2021. More lightweight compared to a jacket but bulkier than a shirt, a “shacket” can be used to cover a sweater or tank top for that added warmth or worn under a standard coat during cold days.

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