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Five Factors to Consider Before Ordering Custom Hoodies

Currently, the demand for custom hoodies has risen at a significant rate. This has led to the rise of hoddies styles and fabrics, making it daunting for a first-timer to pick the right hoddie. Ordering for the right hoddies from a thousand types and available brands calls for professional assistance to be sure you are ordering the right hoddies.

In case you are looking for the right hoddie to customize, there is a need to put in mind the below aspects.

Choosing Right Type

Hoodie Styles

Custom hoddies come in two styles; the pullover or a full-zip style. The internet, however, offers a variety of hoodies styles such as button-downs, quarter-zip hoodies, side-zips, among others.

  • Pullover hoodies: it is easy to customize, especially around the chest, and warmer during chilly weather. However, this style is hard for one to control the temperature as it is the full-zip hoodie case.
  • Full-zip hoodies: Best for clients who move with fashion since it is worn in different ways. As such, controlling weather is comfortable since it has a zipper though customizing it can be daunting for a few brands.

Hoodie Fabrics

Hoodies come with different fabrics and blends, such as soft, classic with 100% cotton; others combine cotton and polyester blends.

Hoodie Brands

Easy customization of a hoddie depends mainly on its brand. Highly demanded brands include; American Apparel, Bella+Canvas, Hanes, Next –level among others.

Printing Hoodie

You shouldn’t overlook the printing aspect when ordering a customized hoodie. Printing a hoddie also depends on the fabric type and the approach used. The printing methods are also limited on some fabrics hence the need for simplicity.

Hoodie print areas; for the zipper hoodies, printing should be done on all other parts apart from the front part because of globby ink, which tends to be deposited. On the other hand, printing pullover hoodies are limited to a ten-inch height on the front side, especially if the pocket is present.

Printing methods;

Screen printing-most preferred method since it can fit even the dark fabrics and most fabrics. The prints are vibrant, fantastic, and durable to meet the client’s demands.

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing best fit small runs for hoodies. The results may not be as those with the screen printing since the fabric should be pure cotton.

Heat transfer fit type most where one has full-color designs and cannot pay the full ink colors. However, regular washing on this parting can result in cracking and chipping.

Dye-sublimation printing fits a full-color print where some chemical reactions are involved in the fabric. However, the method is only for polyester fabrics, unlike other patterns.

Embroidery printing designs are mainly done on the logos for a garment that is a bit thinner. Ensure the methods to be embroidered are small and simple for a better outcome.

Check the right size hoodies

After checking on the styles and the brands involved, it is good to look at the size. The client’s preferences best fit in this. For instance, some clients will go for oversized hoodies while others will go for fitting ones.

In case you are ordering via the internet, it is good to check on the hoddies specs to evaluate if it matches with a regular hoodie.

Wearing a hoodie

Before ordering a custom hoodie, it is good to know how to put it on. Wearing a hoodie with a blazer is the best casual wear anyone could go for. Hoddies can be worn at work, at home, out in the town, among other places. There are different hoddies types which can be worn with jeans or sportswear while others fit with pajamas at home.

Folding a hoodie

Easier ways of creating space in your wardrobe are to know how to fold a hoddie. You will not only have a storage space created, but it will also enhance neatness in your drawer.

In case you will not hang it in the closet, have it zipped and laid flat, then fold it along the parallel lines. Start folding the arms straight, then down, afterward, the bottom upside.


Now you know the five basic factors to consider when ordering custom t-shirts & hoodies. Make sure you follow them as they are a great way to receive the best product possible.

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