Hi there, I'm Carmen and I'm glad you made it here! Wondering how this all started? 

1991: I was born in the North of Luxembourg on November 11th. Did you know that 11/11 is the day when carnival starts in Germany? My grandpa thinks this is the reason why I'm so crazy.
1996: I got my first pair of heeled boots and decided to choose my own outfits. I made this clear to my mum by smudging a white blouse with ketchup. Sorry mum!
2004: High school was a pretty crazy time when it comes to finding my own style. Thank goodness I didn't have a blog back then to document the shame.
2010: I started reading blogs and posting on Lookbook.nu but I was still too shy to have my own blog. The idea that my friends could find out about it was too terrifying.
2011: I moved to Germany for my studies and this new start was also the beginning of this blog. During my three years there I met so many amazing bloggers and had the chance to get an insight into the industry.
2014: When I moved back to Luxembourg I didn't want to miss the benefits of a blogger community and so I founded blogger_LU.
2015: My focus has often changed over the years but when I moved back to my homeland I decided that it was time to raise awareness for the local culture which I'm now doing with my project Fashion Made in Luxembourg and through the blogger_LU group.

What is your story? Get in touch via Facebook and Twitter or drop me an email! 


  1. By the way I have to say that I really really LOVE your logo!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!


  2. ahh congratulations on everything you've achieved! hopefully one day i can catch up haha



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