Sparkling Infused Water with SodaStream

I often hear that people have a hard time drinking enough water and to be honest I don't understand why. I naturally drink at least 2 litres a day and when I haven't been drinking water for one hour I already feel super thirsty. However this hasn't always been the case. I remember that when I was younger I couldn't drink water after waking up without feeling a sickness. I also always thought that coke was more thirst quenching than water, lol! But that was until I discovered lemon water and infused water.

You've certainly all heard of SodaStream, the sparkling water maker. I know it's very popular in Germany as German people often prefer sparkling to still water, whereas Luxembourgish people definitely drink more still water. However sparkling water can be a nice way to switch up flavours for once, especially when you try infused sparkling water.

How does SodaStream work?

SodaStream gave me their sparkling water maker 'Spirit' to try out with 6 different syrups for tasty water and 4 fun water bottles. The machine is very easy to use, all you have to do is insert the gas, fill a bottle with water and sparkle it after your fancy. I think we sparkled our water for about one minute but it's really up to you to see how you like yours. After that you can add the syrup (add it after the sparkling so you don't need to clean your machine) but take care as the water might foam over easily. 
The machine being quit slim it won't take much space in your kitchen and as it's available in black or white you can easily integrate it in your interior.

My recipes for Infused Sparkling Water

1. Grapefruit Tonic
- Sparkle your water
- Add 15ml of Tonic syrup
- Add the juice of one grapefruit
- Let infuse over night with two rosemary stems

2. Ginger Ale Spritzer
- Sparkle your water
- Add 15ml of Ginger Ale syrup
- Fill up the bottle with sugar-free apple juice
- Enjoy

3. Detox Water
- Sparkle your water
- Add the juice of one lemon
- Add slices of lime and cucumber
- Add a few stems of mint
- Let infuse over night

After having tested the SodaStream 'Spirit' for one month I am still more of a still water drinker, but I highly appreciate having the sparkler in my kitchen so I don't need to think of buying sparkling water when we have guests. Another plus is that you can exchange the gas bottles so that you only need to pay the gas when you need a refill.

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