Sparkling Infused Water with SodaStream

I often hear that people have a hard time drinking enough water and to be honest I don't understand why. I naturally drink at least 2 litres a day and when I haven't been drinking water for one hour I already feel super thirsty. However this hasn't always been the case. I remember that when I was younger I couldn't drink water after waking up without feeling a sickness. I also always thought that coke was more thirst quenching than water, lol! But that was until I discovered lemon water and infused water.


My Favourite Spring Trend: Green and Rose

As I'm writing this I'm all cuddled up in my bed as outside it's frosty and everything is covered in a delicate layer of snow. So is it too early to talk about spring trends? I don't think so! The winter sales are over so stores start filling up with blouses, plissé skirts and sneakers again.

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