HelloFresh Arrived in Luxembourg!

When I started working my relationship to food and cooking totally changed. As a student I cooked a lot, mainly with vegetables, and I often tried new recipes as I had the time to. However if you come home at 7pm and feel like all you wanna do is sleep you either don't cook or you cook something that doesn't take a lot of time, like fries or pizza. Therefore over the last few months I didn't only feel like I was eating extremely unhealthy, but I also lost my pleasure in eating as I was cooking the same menus over and over again. Therefor I was more than excited when HelloFresh offered me to try one of their recipe boxes.
HelloFresh is a service that sends you recipes and all the necessary ingredients and all you have to do is cook. No grocery shopping, no recipe hunting, no 'what should I make for lunch today?'. This service is now also available in Luxembourg and OMG guys you have to try it!
There are 3 different boxes that you can choose among: original box, veggie box and family box. Depending on the box you can get ingredients for 3 to 5 meals and for 1 to 6 people. I got the original box with 3 meals for 4 people each. You can order your box for the day and time slot you desire and the delivery is free. 
I got my cooled box half an hour before the time slot by a friendly delivery man. The ingredients for the 3 different recipes where in separate paper bags inside the large box and I was struggling quite a bit to get it all in my fridge. The recipes come with all necessary instructions, some cooking tips, a list of ingredients you will have to add, infos about how to store the ingredients you got, calorie indications, and a cooking time estimation (which was sometimes a bit optimistic though). The ingredients you'll have to add are kitchen staples like butter, olive oil, salt, pepper or vegetable stock for example. 
I took a lot of pleasure in cooking the three different meals and while doing so I learned quite a few new cooking hacks. Usually when I use a recipe to cook I don't have all the ingredients so I leave them out or prepare the food like I am used to. However the HelloFresh boxes challenged me to try some new preparation methods like cooking broccoli in the oven instead of boiling water, or preparing my mashed potatoes with crème fraîche instead of milk.
My taste buds definitely enjoyed this variety and all recipes were rather delicious. However for my taste the boxes were a bit too generous with the vegetables and not generous enough with the carbs. That's why none of the recipes really sufficed for the four designated portions, but only for 3 generous ones. To give you an example: The box only provided 1000g of potatoes while I would have used around 1500g for four portions of mashed potatoes, but therefor we got 2 large broccolis for four people and we didn't finish all of it. 
Despite this little downer I would order the HelloFresh boxes at any time, especially as they aren't as expensive as you would think. If you take the original box with 5 meals for 4 people each (which equivalents about enough meals for one working week for my husband and me), you only pay 4,95€ per meal. 

Who else has tried the HelloFresh service?

(Disclaimer: Post in collaboration with HelloFresh Luxembourg.)

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