Wedding Beauty Preparations

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Every girl dreams of looking her best on her wedding day. Thanks to my amazing dress (read the story here) I was sure my outfit would be on fleek. However I also wanted to go strong on beauty treatments before the wedding so I'm sharing my experiences in this post!

Waxing by Qipao

I never got a professional waxing done. I tried cold waxing and epilation at home but both with not so good results, which is why I stayed away from these treatments for years. However I have this obsession with armpits, I never find them pretty when they're just shaved, so I went to Qipao for a waxing of my armpits. The waxing didn't hurt much, I just bleed a little the first time, but the second and third time my skin had gotten used to the treatment. I was satisfied with the result but to be honest it didn't make that much of a difference to freshly shaved skin. However for 10€ it was totally okay and I would consider waxing again before going on holidays. All in all I liked the fresh spirit of the Qipao salons and I will surely go there for other treatments in the future as their prices are unbeatable in Luxembourg! (To their website)

Spray Tan by LuxTan

I also had never tried spray tanning before but as I am really pale and didn't wanna take the risks of a solarium it was the best option for me. LuxTan is owned by Marta who has two salons in Luxembourg, one in Munsbach and one in Gasperich. I decided to get a trial session and a final session two days before the wedding. 
Marta is really kind and professional and she advised me on which tan to opt for and it was just the right choice for me. There are a few things that need to be considered before and after the tan, for example you shouldn't get in contact with water for several hours after your tan. However once you're allowed to wash it all off the result looks great! The tan stays on for up to 10 days, however I found that after the second shower the tan started coming off quite quickly and after 5-7 days the result wasn't really neat anymore. 
For my wedding the spray tan looked really natural and it didn't cause any stains on my dress. Unfortunately a dry area around my elbows had gotten darker than the rest of my skin, even though I did a scrub the day before the tan. (To her website)

(after the spray tan vs after the first shower)

Eyebrows by Benefit at Sephora

I usually do my brows at home but for my wedding I obviously wanted something more. Therefor I was really happy that Sephora agreed to offer me an eyebrow tint and waxing. We all know that Benefit and beautiful brows go hand in hand so the mini Benefit parlour inside Sephora was an option I knew I could trust. The Benefit employee who did my brows was really friendly and explained all the steps of the treatment. I told her how I wanted my brows shaped and she didn't disappoint me. The colour she chose for my brows was perfectly natural, too. To me Benefit at Sephora is definitely the best brow option in Luxembourg.

Manicure by Nails&Beauty

Just like all other treatments, I was also quite new to professional manicures. I had gotten one earlier this year that looked nice, but wasn't removed in a professional way, which totally messed up my nails. I was glad they had grown back strong just in time for the wedding, but I obviously wanted a more professional parlour for my wedding mani. 
My photographer Anna had recommended Nails&Beauty by NM Coiffure and as I chose the same salon chain for my hairdo I decided to give them a go. The way the girls at this parlour worked seemed more professional to me than the one I had been to earlier this year. The beautician made sure to respect my visions and she asked me two or tree times if I liked the shape of my nails and the colour we chose to make sure I would leave the salon satisfied. She even offered me to call her in case anything should happen to my nails before the wedding, which luckily wasn't the case. However the day after the wedding when I washed all the hairspray out of my hair, my nails got some dark spots which luckily disappeared after a few days. (To their website)

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