Customize Your Bag With Veritas

I am not really good at DIYs but when the customizing trend became big again a few seasons ago, I totally fell for patches and pins on all clothes and accessories. Some of you might remember that I customized a pair of jeans with patches last year (you can see the result here). So when Veritas launched a 'customize your bag' campaign I knew I wanted to be a part of it.


Wedding Scents by Jo Malone

Jo Malone wedding perfume

When I read through wedding preparation check lists I found out that most people buy special wedding perfumes for their big day. Considering that a good perfume costs around 50-150€ I thought this was a rather useless spending as we had so much more to invest in for our wedding.  However when I was contacted by Jo Malone and they offered me and my fiancĂ© to choose our wedding scents at their shop, I knew this would make our big day all the more special.

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