My Beautiful Bachelorette Party

Last Saturday was a really special day as it was my bachelorette party. It was one of the events I had most been looking forward to in all my wedding preparations and I got all excited when my maid of honour Claude sent me a beautiful invitation card. All I knew was the date and the location, but I had no idea of what she and my bridesmaids had prepared for me.
When I entered the house Claude had chosen for the party (she had made sure it was an instagramable place - duties of a blogger bride's maid of honour!) I was welcomed by my girlfriends. They made my feel like a star, taking endless photos of me and stuff, and I felt too overwhelmed to say something about the whole setting. A setting that was of course amazing. Claude had not only bought the typical bride-to-be essentials like a sash, 'team bride' napkins and balloons, but she even managed to get us some goodie bags from Rituals and L'Occitane. Thanks to the temporary tattoos from & Compliments the whole squad was fit for a night of fun.
Also the rest of the evening felt like a blogger's dream come true thanks to yummy finger food, a flower crown workshop and the cutest desserts. My sister had spent all day in the kitchen to bake the most beautiful cake pops and 'bride and groom' cupcakes, and we even got some macarons from Ladurée!
After dinner we spent the evening with a photo session and bride-to-be games. Of course I also got some cute gifts, of which the handmade ones almost made me cry. I will especially keep the 'Advice for the Bride' notes and the 'Kiss the Miss Goodbye' canvas in honour! And the cute 'bride' robe and pouch are already waiting for their employment on the big day. 
I certainly can't thank my girls enough for the effort they put in this evening and I can't stop thinking that I don't deserve all of this. Somehow the bachelorette party made me all emotional and I can't figure out why. Maybe it's because it made me realise that the wedding is officially very close now. Maybe it's because of something else. All I know is that I felt very loved that evening, which makes me extremely thankful. 

(Disclaimer: Some of the products in this post have been sponsored by UPR, Ladurée Luxembourg and & Compliments.)

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