About Chocolates And Wedding Diets

My biggest weakness? Definitely sweets and especially chocolate! I can say no to pretty much everything, be it drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, fast food,... but as soon as I hear the word dessert I am sold. So when Planète Chocolat contacted me with an e-mail that had the subject 'Want some chocolate?' I just couldn't resist.
Planète Chocolat is a Belgian artisan chocolatier based in Brussels. All of their products are made of 100% pure coca butter, without colorants, conservatives or GM foods. However you don't need to travel to Brussels to enjoy their chocolates, as they recently started sending sweet presents all over the world. 
I don't know how about you but I love the idea of getting surprise gifts via mail, be it flowers, chocolates or another little present you weren't expecting. And for those who are wondering: Yes, sending chocolates to your loved ones in summer is possible! Thanks to 24h delivery, detailed parcel tracking and cooling packs in the parcel to protect your chocolate. 
So if you fancy trying some artisanal chocolates with flavours such as Praliné Lemon, Orange Ganache, Speculoos, Honey & Chestnut,... you should quickly check out the Planète Chocolat webiste to get your chocolate delivery to Luxembourg. (Btw, they also have macarons!!!)

Now some of you might be wondering why I talk about chocolate 4 weeks before my wedding. After all I should be doing crazy diets and trying hard to look as good as possible on my big day, right. To be honest I thought that's what I'd be doing by now but a few months ago I started asking myself why? Why do I have to do this to myself when I'm marrying the man who always accepted me like I am, surrounded by people who don't care about how I look, only about how I feel?
Right now I just find it really hard to loose weight because of my busy life and the wedding preparations certainly don't help me take care about my body either. So I decided to not give a ... and rather concentrate on treating myself to some beauty treatments I have never tried before. I will do a detailed blog post about them after the wedding. I also decided to keep my other planned wedding preparation posts for after the wedding, as I don't want to spoil the surprise for our guests. However once the wedding is over, I'll have enough time to tell you about everything and give you my bride-to-be tips, promised!

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