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Nope, I still didn't give up on blogging. I might not be very happy about how the blogosphere (in Luxembourg) has been developing lately, but I'm still willing to share my passion with you guys. There's lots of new content on Instagram, too so go have a look if you haven't been there in a while! But now let's go over to today's actual subject: Beauty empties! I've been emptying so much stuff lately that I could almost do an empties post every week, but I'm sure you wanna read about some other stuff, too.

GARNIER Micellar Cleansing Water

In my last empties post I already told you about the huge benefits that micellar water has been having on my skin. The first micellar water I got was this one by Garnier and it did a really good job. However I have a slight preference for the Bioderma micellar water as it feels more refreshing and pure than the Garnier one.

GARANCIA 24H Moisturizing, Peeling And Firming Body Cream

This body cream is probably one of the best beauty products I've been trying lately and for sure the best body cream ever. As the title says it's not only moisturising but also firming and peeling. While I can't confirm the firming effect, I just loved how soft it made my skin. The texture is just perfect, too as it's really moisturising but the cream feels so light and absorbs really quickly. Unfortunately the bottle was empty quite quickly and given the price of 23,50€ it might not be a product for daily use for poor students like me. Ok not a student anymore but still feel like one, haha!

GARNIER Ultra Doux clay and citrus cleansing shampoo

I've been talking about Ultra Doux shampoos a lot over here so you know I love them but as the emoji in my picture shows I'm not quite sure about this one. It's a cleansing shampoo for greasy hair and I liked to use it once in a while when I knew my hair would have to stay nice for a few days, but it's way too harsh for daily use. Even my hands were feeling all dry after using this so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't have really greasy hair, and still not for daily use. 

ESSENCE Nail Art Express Dry Drops

Manicures can be a pain in the ... so it's always good to have some drying products at home. These drops were a good option for me as they're cheap and actually seemed to work. However the consistency is really greasy and you better not touch anything once you applied the drops. 

RITUALS Yogi Delight Soothing Shower Oil

I always thought that the Rituals shower foams would stay my favourite shower product forever, but it turned out that their shower oils are even better! Not only is this shower oil really moisturising, but the Yogi Delight is furthermore a really pleasant scent that gives you the feeling of a mini-massage with every shower. 

TREACLEMOON Sweet Apple Pie Hugs body milk

Talking about great scents, I loved the smell of this body milk. Treaclemoon is quite known for well-smelling beauty products but I think this one has got to be the best of all. It does indeed smell of applie pie! Well let's say it smells of dried apples and cookie dough, but that's pretty close, isn't it?

What products have you been loving or hating lately? 

This article has been translated into Polish here

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