Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops

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Next week I will be going to Antwerp for the beauty days of two PR agencies and I can't wait to discover the novelties for autumn/winter 2017. Until then let's have a look at some recent products or past collections that I've finally managed to try and empty.


Lush Mother's Day Collection 2017

Lush Mother's Day Products Review 2017

I don't think I'll have to repeat how much I love Lush's blogger events as they are always extremely fun, cosy and creative. This time, for the presentation of the Mother's Day collection, we got to make our own hanging plants. A pretty nice present idea for mum indeed and definitely something I will decorate my future home with (this weekend we bought the furniture for our living room and I couldn't be happier!). 


Projet Wedding: Choosing A Table Setting

The wedding preparations have been progressing slowly but steadily. After I recently found my wedding dress, I have been working on the table decorations with my friend Nancy who will be our wedding decorator. We started discussing about them in November and only recently chose all the necessary elements, so it has been quite a creative progress. And I'm really glad I had Nancy to guide me through it all, because when we started off I had so many different ideas, that were impossible to combine.


Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops

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Nope, I still didn't give up on blogging. I might not be very happy about how the blogosphere (in Luxembourg) has been developing lately, but I'm still willing to share my passion with you guys. There's lots of new content on Instagram, too so go have a look if you haven't been there in a while! But now let's go over to today's actual subject: Beauty empties! I've been emptying so much stuff lately that I could almost do an empties post every week, but I'm sure you wanna read about some other stuff, too.

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