Tried and Tested: Cosmia by Auchan

It has been exactly six months since I got my job. A job which I didn't tell you much about on the blog, for the simple reason that I didn't have much time to blog since I got this job. Or let's say I had the time, but I felt like my creativity was all used up when I came home. That is because my job is really similar to what I do as a blogger. I am a community manager for Auchan, one of Europe's largest supermarket chains, and I love my job. I am loving it even more since we launched Cosmia, the new beauty brand by Auchan that you can now find in all of our supermarkets around the world. 

Cosmia currently consists of care and makeup products, as well as some makeup accessories, a natural range and a hypoallergenic range. None of the products have been tested on animals, most of them are produced in Europe and most of them are vegan, too. I got the chance to try a few products myself and as I am really convinced of the brand, I decided to present it here on my blog. And don't worry, just because I work for Auchan, doesn't mean I'll be any nicer in my review than I usually am...


The natural ranges of the brand are marked as Cosmia Collections. You can currently find two of them in stores: The rose collection and the argan oil collection. All products from these ranges are made of 95% natural ingredients. The rose extract hand cream smells of roses and has a stronger scent than you might think. It contains rose extract and rose oil and has a nice texture that absorbs quickly. It is moisturising and perfect for daily use. 


Just like the other collection, the argan oil range also has a rather intense but still pleasant scent. The texture of this lotion is just pure perfection. Often lotions are too watery and thus aren't moisturising enough, but the Cosmia body lotion with argan oil combines the best of a light lotion and a moisturising body cream. A very pleasant to use product. 


I really don't know why they called this 'shampoo shower gel' as the designation will only confuse customers. I also don't know any women who uses 2 in 1 products for hair and body. So basically no, I haven't tested this on my hair. I have however tested it on my body and unfortuantely I am not a fan of this very scent, which is way too sweet. Like a cough sirup for children. If you're looking for more decent scents, you should definitely opt for the Cosmia shower milks rather than the shower gel range. 


Besides the body lotion this has got to be my favourite product from the range so far. It's a shampoo for dry or damaged hair and contains yet again argan oil. This shampoo doesn't only clean my hair really well, but it also doesn't dry it out as much as other shampoos and leaves it all shiny instead. The smell is very decent for once, too. 


Last week I got my very first contact lenses, so mascara is definitely a thing I will have to take care off now. The hypoallergenic mascara from Cosmia comes with a super thin brush, which prevents me from smudging too much mascara around (or in) my eyes. The texture of the mascara also doesn't burn in my eyes like other mascaras (I'm looking at you MAC!). However from the promised 'length & volume' you only get the length from this mascara. I'd recommend it for contact lens wearers that don't mind a natural lash look.


Lately I had really dry lips so I didn't dare to use lipsticks at all, however this one kept my lips moisturised all evening long. The texture is rather glossy but therefor highly pigmented, so that the lips stay coloured for a while. I'd recommend this lipstick in a less flashy colour though.

All Cosmia products can be bought at Auchan Kirchberg, and some of them also at Auchan Drive. I will definitely try more products from the range, like for example the foundations or powders. If you want to see more reviews of the brand, I also invite you to go have a look at the posts of Marie-Laure and Lydia. If you have any further questions about the brand, you can either contact me via my blog channels, or via the Facebook page of Auchan Luxembourg.

Have you already discovered the brand in store? Which product would you like to try?

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