Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops

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It's that time of the month, friends. Let's have a look at which of these beauty products are worth to be repurchased and which aren't. Also don't forget to tell me about your currently beauty crush or fail in the comments!

↓ Flops

LUSH Papa Noël - Face Wash Jelly
I did already talk about this product in my post about the last Lush Christmas collection here. As I wrote I wasn't satisfied with the Lush face wash jelly at all, because it fell apart once I took it out of the jar (it was supposed to look like Santa's beard). The smell was fresh and thus really nice, but somehow I didn't trust this product to be good for my acne prone skin. That's why I decided to just throw it away, also regarding the fact that it expired shortly after I got it.

DR. JUCHHEIM Long Lash Effect Serum
Another product you may already know from my Dr. Juchheim review, is this long lash effect serum. The reason why I decided to add it to this post, is that I had promised to give you a last review once I emptied the bottle. This was the case a few weeks ago and even though I had religiously applied the serum to my lashline, morning and evening, for a few weeks, I didn't see any considerable lash growth in the end. You can read the detailed review here. 

→ Neutrals

BALEA Trend It Up hair straightening cream
When it comes to heat protecting products for hair straightening I've tried it all: Sprays, oils and this cream. So far I unfortunately haven't found THE ONE product that satisfied me 100%. Even though this cream was easier to spread evenly than a spray, it left my hair greasier than a straightening oil (which may sound like a paradox indeed). 

NIVEA Waterlily & Oil - Shower Gel With Caring Oil Pearls & Feminine Scent Of Water Lily
I found the concept of these shower gels with oil pearls quite interesting, however they aren't any more moisturizing than other shower gels, and thus probably only a marketing trick. The smell is indeed quite nice though. 

RITUALS The Ritual Of Light - Illuminating Foaming Shower Gel Sweet Orange & Cinnamon
I already did a post about The Ritual Of Light Christmas collection by Rituals here. Compared to other Rituals products, the smell of this range wasn't too intense or annoying. However as I already said it also wasn't super Christmassy or particularly 'must-have' worthy either.

↑ Tops

LUSH Eau Roma Water - Toner Water
According to what I heard and read lately, dermatologists and beauticians don't seem to agree on whether the use of toners is still recommended nowadays or not. In fact toners were invented when our water didn't have such a good quality yet, and thus had the purpose to remove residues in tap water from our skin. However there are still residues in our water nowadays, like for example chalk. That's why my beautician recommended me to only use micellar water to clean my skin, which I've been doing for some weeks with great results!
However I can't avoid water completely and that's where the Lush toner comes into play. After showering I use the toner, not to additionally clean my skin, but to remove any residues. So my point is that toners are still really useful when you use water to clean your skin, but they should be super duper gentle and alcohol free by all means. The Lush Eau Roma basically only contains lavender and rose water, which are gently moisturising ingredients.

MAYBELLINE Fit Me! Pressed Powder 120 Classic Ivory
Last month I reviewed the foundation from this range, and now I also emptied the pressed powder. Just like the foundation it matches my skin colour perfect. When applied with a brush it gives a matte but also very natural finish. 

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