Tried and Tested: 'Lipo-Oval' Face Slimming Treatment

So far I've had the chance to collaborate with many great brands, but mostly these collaborations turned out to be one-time projects. Therefor I was really happy when Meder Beauty Science approached me a second time a few months ago. In case you forgot, the first collaboration I had with them was a review of their skin care range, which you can read here. While this range consisted of home care products, I now had the chance to also try a treatment from Meder Beauty Science's professional range.

About the treatment

The care I tried is the Lipo Oval non-invasive facial liposculpture treatment. That sounds a bit complicated, but basically it's an external treatment to achieve slimmer facial contours. Here's the description of the treatment:
'Powerful lypolitic ingredients penetrate the skins layers to reduce the volume of fatty tissue found in the skin and deliver a drainage effect. The active ingredients also work together to boost the synthesis of collagen and elastine and improve microcirculation to provide a lifting effect. The face and the neck look slimmer, skin is left visibly toned and even with a more youthful appearance.' (All infos here.)


In order to get my 5 treatments, I went to the Vilar salon in Luxembourg city. The girls at the parlour were really kind and I even got a hand massage during my treatments and some beauty advice on top.
The treatment consisted of the following steps: Cleansing with a makeup remover, peeling with an enzymatic mask, application of an anti-oxydant serum and the Lipo-Oval concentrate, application of a sheet mask, finish with a hydrating cream. My beautician made sure to massage all the products into my skin, especially on the concerned areas, i.e. the chin and face contours. The treatments took about one hour, of which I spent 20 minutes with the face mask on. To also treat my skin at home I got the Lipo-Oval concentrate for daily use, and the sheet mask to apply once a week besides the professional treatments. 


So how about the results? After the first treatment I was really shocked when I had a look in the mirror. My face looked visibly slimmer and more contoured, I especially noticed that my chin looked more pointed. My skin also felt extremely soft after every treatment. Unfortunately the first visible results always diminished over night, so that I didn't really see a long-term result. The products I used at home didn't change much about this. However the treatment also made me look more awake and brightened my skin. Furthermore I had the feeling that the treatment contributed to the regeneration of my skin. 


All in all I would recommend the treatment to anyone with a chubby face, but I believe that the results will be far more visible on mature skin that doesn't regenerate as easily as young skin. If you'd like to try the Lipo-Oval treatment in Luxembourg, you can do so at Vilar Salon, 26 Rue du Curé, Luxembourg City.

(Disclaimer: This post has been written in collaboration with Meder Beauty Science. The treatments have kindly been conducted by Vilar Salon.)

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