The Blogger Artist Planner + Blogging in 2017

Happy 2017 friends! So here we are, back for another year. As you all know, 2016 has been quite crazy for me with finishing university and getting my first job. However not as crazy as 2017 will be with getting married and building our future home! I could tell you so much about all of these things, but I will probably be spamming you enough with them on Instagram. Therefor I decided to use this post to talk a bit about my blogging habits and goals.
I started 2016 with really serious goals for my blog. You can reread them all in this post, but to sum it all up I tried to really become successful with my blog. And by successful I don't mean earning a Chiara Ferragni salary, but I mean seeing results from the time and effort I put into blogging. However it seemed like the harder I tried, the less results I saw. Of course that was really frustrating and I still can't figure out what I was doing wrong.
Towards the end of the year I adopted a bit of a 'let it go, let it gooooo...' mentality, and funnily it was around that time that I got some interesting collaboration opportunities. Even apart from those I can't say that 2016 was a complete failure when it comes to blogging. After all I finally reached a goal that I had from the first minute that I started blogging: Attend fashion week. Ok, it was 'just' Berlin Fashion Week, but it was one of the best experiences in my life and one of the many reasons why I'm thankful to have started this blog over 5 years ago.
Over the past few months, I saw many of my blogger friends take a completely different approach towards blogging. Some started trying even harder, one decided to become a full time blogger, and not later than last week my dear friend Claude announced that she will stop blogging. And I? Well I am torn between all of these attitudes: One minute I dream of escaping the office and being a full time blogger, the other minute I don't even see why I should continue blogging at all. 
However blogging has allowed me to meet some of the best people and make some of the best experiences in my life, and I am not willing to put an end to this quite yet. I will give this project another year to see in which direction it will all go. And now that I have this beautiful blog planner from The Blogger Artist, I am motivated enough to start planning new posts and collaborations. But this year, let's only do what we truly enjoy!

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