Lush Mother's Day Collection 2017

Lush Mother's Day Products Review 2017

I don't think I'll have to repeat how much I love Lush's blogger events as they are always extremely fun, cosy and creative. This time, for the presentation of the Mother's Day collection, we got to make our own hanging plants. A pretty nice present idea for mum indeed and definitely something I will decorate my future home with (this weekend we bought the furniture for our living room and I couldn't be happier!). 


Projet Wedding: Choosing A Table Setting

The wedding preparations have been progressing slowly but steadily. After I recently found my wedding dress, I have been working on the table decorations with my friend Nancy who will be our wedding decorator. We started discussing about them in November and only recently chose all the necessary elements, so it has been quite a creative progress. And I'm really glad I had Nancy to guide me through it all, because when we started off I had so many different ideas, that were impossible to combine.


Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops

beauty empties favourites may

Nope, I still didn't give up on blogging. I might not be very happy about how the blogosphere (in Luxembourg) has been developing lately, but I'm still willing to share my passion with you guys. There's lots of new content on Instagram, too so go have a look if you haven't been there in a while! But now let's go over to today's actual subject: Beauty empties! I've been emptying so much stuff lately that I could almost do an empties post every week, but I'm sure you wanna read about some other stuff, too.


Tried and Tested: Cosmia by Auchan

It has been exactly six months since I got my job. A job which I didn't tell you much about on the blog, for the simple reason that I didn't have much time to blog since I got this job. Or let's say I had the time, but I felt like my creativity was all used up when I came home. That is because my job is really similar to what I do as a blogger. I am a community manager for Auchan, one of Europe's largest supermarket chains, and I love my job. I am loving it even more since we launched Cosmia, the new beauty brand by Auchan that you can now find in all of our supermarkets around the world. 


Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops

I always struggle to find the right introduction to this kind of post. I mean let's be honest, empties reviews aren't the deepest blog posts you will find on the world wide web. However I decide over and over again to continue writing this kind of review because we girls put so much products in our face and on our body, and I think we all deserve to know which ones will do us good and which ones won't - before spending a little fortune on them. Don't you agree?


Finding A Wedding Dress: The Good, The Bad And The Worse

wedding dress stores in around luxembourg

Throwback to December 2015. So there was I, engaged and already planning my wedding for summer 2017. Well I wasn't really planning, but I did some major pinning on my wedding board! The pins I liked most of all were those about the decoration, so whenever someone asked me which flowers I wanted for my wedding I could easily reply, but what I didn't think about back then was the dress.


Outfit: Clio Goldbrenner Hades Ninja Bag

When my friend Sara moved to Luxembourg a few months ago, she asked me to unveil my secret shopping tips for Luxembourg. Unfortunately there wasn't much that I could tell her because apart from Gucci & Co. and H&M & Co., Luxembourg isn't really a shopping destination. Besides a few second hand stores and a few overpriced concept stores, Luxembourg didn't really have much to offer to us fashionistas. Until last winter when Cheer Up Store opened its doors!


Yves Rocher Novelties

yves rocher spring summer 2017 products

Lately I got a box with some spring novelties from Yves Rocher and I quickly want to show you my favourites. Let's start off with the shower gels from the 'Plaisirs Nature' range. I already had a lemon and basil scrub from this collection and I absolutely adored the packaging and the scent, so I can't wait to discover the other products, too! Besides Lemon Basil you also get Lotus Flower Sage and Mandarin Cedarwood.


Tried and Tested: Clinique Take The Day Off

clinique take the day off review

Since I started working, my makeup removing routine has become like a ritual to me. Not only do I wear more makeup nowadays, but removing it is often also the only pampering I have time for during the week. That's why I was really curious to try Clinique's 'Take The Day Off' range. After all, taking the day off is more than just removing makeup but also leaving all the daily stress behind.


NMNL - TokyoTreat Beauty Subscription Box

NoMakeNoLife Japanese beauty subscription box

Asian beauty products have been getting more and more attention over the last few years. They are being praised for being extremely efficient, but not all of them have made their way to Europe yet. No wonder there are several Asian beauty subscription boxes on the market. TokyoTreat just launched another one and they asked me if I wanted to be among the first to try it. Obviously I couldn't say no!


Discovering The Universe Of Jo Malone

Jo Malone Luxembourg

When I first posted about the new Jo Malone store in Luxembourg City on Instagram, I got some comments from girls who were really excited about this new opening in town. Even though I really appreciate the fact that Luxembourg is attracting more and more international brands, I couldn't quite share the excitement, as I had never tried any products of the brand. That's why I was curious to discover the universe of Jo Malone at the official opening a few weeks ago.


Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops

beauty empties lush maybelline balea rituals

It's that time of the month, friends. Let's have a look at which of these beauty products are worth to be repurchased and which aren't. Also don't forget to tell me about your currently beauty crush or fail in the comments!


Event: Almdudler Launch (+ Cocktail Recipe)

almdudler blogger event luxembourg

The kind of posts I most like to read on other blogs are those about blogger events. That's why I'll try to write more reports about local blogger events myself this year. PR agencies and brands have really been stepping up their event game over the last few years, even here in Luxembourg! The best proof was the Almdudler event last Tuesday.


Tried and Tested: Bioeffect EGF Serum and Eye Mask

A few months ago, the Luxembourgish beauty salon Institut Françoise introduced the EGF Serum by the Icelandic brand BioEffect. All BioEffect products are based on biotechnology research, so their skin care products are the world's first to contain cellular activators made in plants. EGF stands for epidermal growth factor, which means that the serum is made to increase the production of collagen and elastin within the skin.


What was inside my beauty Advent calendars?

Monoprix Calendrier Beauté Avent

We're almost one month after Christmas so it get's about time I show you the content of the two beauty Advent calendars I had this year. As you know I've been going crazy over beauty calendars for a few years, always keeping you up to date with the latest examples (read this year's post here). So far I've had two Benefit Advent calendars and a no-name one so I've definitely been upping my game this season...


Outfit: Necklace Layering

Hey, hey, welcome to the first outfit post of 2017! For this look I combined my military jacket and the cowboy boots I got from Sacha a few weeks ago. Just add a white shirt tucked in black pants and you're ready to go. The result is a rather rock'n'roll so I decided to add some silver necklaces for a final touch.


Tried and Tested: 'Lipo-Oval' Face Slimming Treatment

So far I've had the chance to collaborate with many great brands, but mostly these collaborations turned out to be one-time projects. Therefor I was really happy when Meder Beauty Science approached me a second time a few months ago. In case you forgot, the first collaboration I had with them was a review of their skin care range, which you can read here. While this range consisted of home care products, I now had the chance to also try a treatment from Meder Beauty Science's professional range.


The Blogger Artist Planner + Blogging in 2017

Happy 2017 friends! So here we are, back for another year. As you all know, 2016 has been quite crazy for me with finishing university and getting my first job. However not as crazy as 2017 will be with getting married and building our future home! I could tell you so much about all of these things, but I will probably be spamming you enough with them on Instagram. Therefor I decided to use this post to talk a bit about my blogging habits and goals.

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