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I'm back with a beauty review and it's about a brand I hadn't hear of before. Dr. Juchheim is a direct selling brand that was founded by a German doctor. Just like any other direct selling beauty company, it promises revolutionary products with an immediate 'wow' effect. One of the brand's bestsellers is the ByeByeCellulite cream which I tried together with the Long Lash Effect Serum. I tried the products on request of one of the Dr. Juchheim consultants in Luxembourg, who provided me with the two products. As always that doesn't change anything to my honest opinion that I'll now share in this post.


The anti cellulite cream by Dr. Juchheim contains natural ingredients and wasn't tested on animals, but has a really strong immediate effect. When I first applied it (and I didn't use much of the cream) my legs turned all red and my skin looked and felt as if I had a sunburn for several hours. This is the normal and desired effect as the cream stimulates blood circulation and has a natural warming effect. After a few days this effect vanished and my skin didn't turn red anymore. However my hands still reacted to the cream and whenever I didn't wash them rigorously they started itching. This was a bit annoying, but the effect always faded after a little while. 
I applied the cream twice a day and starting seeing first results quite quickly. Even though my skin didn't feel particularly moisturised, I saw an improvement of my blood circulation. After a few more days, my legs started looking a little more defined, and I even lost some millimetres on my thighs. After one month (exactly the time it took me to empty the 200ml pot) I even found that my red stretch marks had narrowed.
However please don't think that the cream worked wonders on me. The result was about the same as after 1 month of diet and the daily use of any cheap anti cellulite cream. You know that I am always speaking about money in my reviews, and for this cream we're at 119€ per pot. Ideally you should use it for 3 months, which would make 357€. To be honest if I have the choice between spending over 350€ or being on a diet for three months, I choose the diet. 
Now of course cellulite doesn't go away if you loose some kilos, but it also won't completely disappear just by using a cream, not matter how expensive it is. To me the cream might be worth the splurge when you don't just have cellulite but also mature skin that has lost elasticity.

Long Lash Effect Serum

I don't think I'll have to explain the desired effect of the long lash serum, as there are many similar lash growth products on the market. For this product we're at a price of 64,95€. The serum should be applied to the lash line twice a day and promises first results after two weeks. The final result (i.e. 45% of lash growth) is supposed to be reached after 3 months. I have now been using the serum for more than one month and the 2,5ml bottle isn't empty yet.
Just like the cream, the serum had a visible effect the first few days, as it reddened my lash line. Still now I feel like the veins on my eyelids are more visible, but the redness disappeared after a few days. The serum also didn't irritate my eyes or skin, but burnt quite badly whenever I got it on my inner eyelid.
Right the first morning after using the serum, I found that my lashes were slightly longer, and the effect with mascara was quite nice. However the days after I didn't notice any additional growth, and even after 5 weeks I couldn't really tell if my lashes are longer or not. The photos (1st one is before, 2nd and 3rd one are after) don't really show a difference, even though my lashes look quite full right now. 
I will keep on using the serum until the bottle is empty, and update you on the result on Facebook. So far I can't recommend the serum yet. 

If you want to get your hands on any Dr. Juchheim products (check them out here), you can get in touch with Pascale Meier via her Facebook page

(Disclaimer: The products in this post have been sponsored by a local consultant of Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics.)

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