Store Openings: Christian Louboutin & Cheer Up Store

It seems like last week was the week of store openings in Luxembourg city! On Thursday I was invited to the inauguration of Christian Louboutin and the new concept store Cheer Up Store. On Friday Lancel opened its first store in Luxembourg and Vol(t)age opened the doors of its second shop in town. On Saturday then, Luxembourg finally got a beautiful Jo Malone store, which I will check out tomorrow. Today however, I wanna tell you a bit about the store openings of Christian Louboutin  and Cheer Up Store:

Christian Louboutin 

Inaugurations of luxury stores can be quite tricky. Either there are only snob guests and you don't dare to touch a thing, or the events are just plain boring because the store owners think that inviting people and offering them some champagne is enough to make them happy. The evening at Louboutin was neither too sophisticated, nor too boring. After all Monsieur Christian Louboutin himself was present that night. However I missed him as I didn't want to stay there all evening waiting for a designer whose creations I have never worn and will probably never be wearing. Expensive shoes and some mediocre canapés weren't enough to keep me busy for hours. The only thing I really enjoyed in this store was the interior and the decoration. Velvet chairs and a decoration that looked like a fusion of Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast made my heart skip a beat. All in all the evening was basically just an occasion to enter a store I wouldn't dare to enter just like that. 

Cheer Up Store

After one hour at Christian Louboutin, I headed on to the newly opened Cheer Up Store in Rue Beaumont. It is a concept store by two young Belgian sisters who wanted to bring the designers from their homeland to Luxembourg. Clio Goldbrenner, Mya Bay, Komono, Beoriginal, Delphine Quirin or Imagin Jewels are some of the brands you can currently shop at Cheer Up Store. I must admit that they already had me at Mya Bay, a jewellery brand I've been loving from the first minute, mainly for their cute bangles. However all other accessory brands are definitely worth checking out as well: Sneakers, tassle boots, bucket bags, lurex socks and all the other cool items that spice up every outfit. Apart from offering cool accessories that Luxembourgish girls have so far been looking in vain, Cheer Up Store also offers a modern interior that goes really well with the vibes of the newly opened cafés in Luxembourg. All in all Cheer Up Store should be the first address for accessories of all girls in Luxembourg and I can only recommend you to check it out to shop some last Christmas presents, too!

As a little reminder: You can stay up to date with all store openings in Luxembourg here.

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