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Usually I have a lot of posts to share in December. Not only is it the month of dressing up, but also the month of looking back and of making plans. I did certainly have a lot of things to look back on this year and I never had as many plans for a new year as for 2017. However with having started my new job two months ago, I'm still not back in the blogging rut.
I know I do want to continue blogging, but I don't want to freak out about it anymore. Work and private life come first, and when I find a few minutes to enjoy blogging then that's what I'll do. And what I enjoy most at the moment are beauty posts, so I decided to end December and the year 2016 with my traditional empties post. Let's have a look at whether the products above are beauty flops or tops:

↓ Flops

no bad products this month

→ Neutrals

ICI PARIS XL Pure Eye-Makeup Remover
To remove my mascara I only use bi-phase products like this one (i.e. the ones you gotta shake before using them) as I find they work best. The Ici Paris XL Pure Eye-Makeup Remover is non-oily and suited for waterproof mascara. It's furthermore enriched with provitamin B5 and chamomile water. Just like most similar makeup removers, it worked quite well for me and removed my mascara effectively without burning in my eyes.

GARNIER Miracle Skin Perfector All-In-One BB Cream
This BB cream is supposed to be suited for greasy and mixed skin and has a matte effect. I used it in the shade light, which was only slightly too yellowish for my skin. The product is really liquid so I often used too much of it. The mentioned matte effect is really amazing and this is the only foundation/BB cream I could use without adding a layer of face powder. For a BB cream it is also really covering, especially when applied in two layers. The reason why I didn't add it to top products however, is that it contains a lot of alcohol and thus dried out my skin, which is why I stopped using it before it was empty. 

L'OCCITANE Dry Skin Hand Cream 20% Shea
Just like most L'Occitane hand creams, this one is really good for dry skin. It's creamy and thus easy to apply, and absorbs fairly quickly, too. What I didn't like was the scent, which reminded me of old soap. 

↑ Tops

MAYBELLINE Fit Me! Liquid Foundation 115
I've been using this foundation for years and the shade 115 was the first one to go really well with my complexion. The foundation feels perfectly light and is super easy to apply. However the coverage is only medium and thus not enough for my acne prone skin. Whenever I applied the foundation in the morning to go to work, I looked like I had never applied any makeup a few hours later. I nevertheless added the foundation to tops as I believe it's perfect for anyone with normal skin and as it is available in almost every shade you could imagine.

L'ORÉAL Volume Million Lashes black mascara
Another favourite for years and a mascara I often talked about on this blog. It has a perfect fake-lash-effect as it separates lashes and makes them visibly more voluminous. It's easy to apply thanks to the medium sized silicone brush. It also has a good texture that hardly crumbles when applied. However this mascara is not waterproof (even though available in waterproof, too) and not suited for those who are seeing a dramatic eye look. (In that case I rather recommend the Max Factor mascara linked below.)

ICI PARIS Aqua Hydrating Cream (dry to normal skin)
Finding a good face cream is so hard and I often used creams that felt too heavy on my skin. However this is the lightest moisturiser I used in years! The texture feels like a silky mixture of cream and serum and perfectly lets my skin breathe. The smell is fresh and lovely, too. I also felt like the cream had a slight matte effect, at least it didn't leave my skin looking greasy. However I wouldn't recommend it for dry to normal skin but rather for normal to mixed skin as it is not moisturising enough for dry skin.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

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