Fashion Days Luxembourg 2016

I am quite late with my post about the Fashion Days Luxembourg, which already took place two weeks ago. However  I  didn't want to hide these pictures from you, as I think that some of the collections that were shown have yet again been quite brilliant. For the context of this fashion event in Luxembourg, you may want to take a look at my posts from last year here and here. Before we start to talk about the collections however, I also want to say a few words about the organisation.
So this year what was good about the event, was that it took place in a quite fancy building in Luxembourg city. So that's a plus for the location, even though in the end I had to pay 6,40€ for parking, which was free last year! And as we're talking about costs: We were obliged to use the cloakroom and pay 1,50€ for it... No need to say that the offered food and drinks weren't cheap either. Another big no-go was that everyone who came early had to wait in the cold for the event to start as they didn't allow us to enter the building.
I was furthermore quite disappointed to see that all the press seats were empty, and it seemed like there were even fewer people than last year. All in all I got the impression that nobody in Luxembourg really cares about this first big fashion event of our country. However I couldn't say whether I would be going a third time again next year either, as the event is simply boring. Sure, you get to see nice collections of young designers, but that's about it. No additional entertainment, shopping possibilities or added value.
So now let's finally say a few words about the designers. Again there were starting designers and professionals, showing their collections in two separate shows. I was glad to see some known creations, namely the collections of Marjorie Hinque (first two pictures) and Bastien Sebillot, who already participated in the Lux Fashion Week in Arlon two months ago. Marjorie Hinque was also the lucky and deserved winner of the JBC prize, and will now design a collection for their stores. Btw the winner of last year's JBC prize, Enora Hiernaux, also showed the results of their collaboration. Unfortunately the collection is really small, but it features some great pieces, like the asymmetric knit sweater and the grey cape. 
On the local designer front I was glad to finally see the creations of the Luxembourgish brands Egle Ozyte (sexy evening gowns) and What.Eve.Wears (fair fashion). What.Eve.Wears showed a collection of silk and knit looks, which definitely inspired me for my own winter looks. 
My favourite collection however, was that of Laila Soares, who perfectly combined blue and mustard shades and played with functional details. 

Marjorie Hinque:

Osvaldina Moreira:

Pauline Mine:

Philippe Thomas:

Egle Ozyte:

C. Pouki:



Igor Dieryck:

Enora Hiernaux:

Laila Soares: 

Valérie Moreau:

Bastien Sebillot:

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