Project Wedding: Preparations So Far (10 Months To Go)

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Wow, in December it will already be a year since I got engaged! And I know I have been really bad at updating you with the preparations. Meanwhile it's 10 months till our wedding, which will now officially be at 25th August 2017. I know it may seem like an odd date, but to us it was more important to choose a day when most of our friends and family would be available, rather than a date that sounds good. So in this post I will share all of our present preparations, but also my feelings about the big day so far.

1. Location

The first thing that we decided on was the location of our wedding. There are quite a few nice places in Luxembourg to get married, but in the end we wanted something nearby where we live (and thus also where most of our guests live). How good that the famous Château d'Urspelt is only about 10-15 minutes away from our homes. Already 300 couples have been getting married there in the last few years, but that's not why we chose the location. We liked the fact that it is at the same time a romantic place (wait until you see the suite!) but also a location managed by a well-organized and tough lady with the needed experience.

2. Church Wedding

As Catholicism is a huge part of our country's culture, we decided to get a traditional wedding ceremony in a church. However it was important to us to find a priest we would feel comfortable with. Therefor we chose a rather young priest and agreed to get married in one of the churches in his parish, even though it's about half an hour away from the party location. 

3. Photographer

Being a blogger it is really important to me to get good photos of our wedding. I contacted a lot of photographers from Luxembourg, Germany and France and compared their prices and services. In the end I was really glad to get a good offer from my friend Anna, who is definitely one of the best wedding photographers in Luxembourg. As she's a blogger herself, she's sharing the same aesthetics as me, and I'm sure we'll be having a lot of fun that day. Check out her work on www.annakatina.com

(photo via @witnessedbyanna)

4. Done and up next: 

√ Choose the date
√ Decide on the location
√ Book the priest
√ Book the photographer
√ First appointment with the florist
√ Attent the wedding fair in Luxembourg

soon: My first dress appointment at the Marryfair wedding store in Bitburg, Germany.
soon: A fair at the Château d'Urspelt where we'll get to know all of their suppliers and partners.

x Finish the guest list
x Choose the wedding bands 
x Book an appointment with the caterer

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