About Getting A Job, My 5th Blogiversary, And Other Life Updates

Hello friends! I'm back and oh my gosh did I miss talking to you! I feel like after one of my longest blogging hiatuses so far, I owe you an explanation of what's actually going on in my life right now. To sum it all up in one sentence: I turned into a full-value grown-up with responsibilities and shit within the last 4 months. But let's start at the beginning.
In summer I handed in my Master's thesis about women in Luxembourgish literature, which rang in the end of my student life. Right after that I started looking for a job, which wasn't always easy and made me shed more than one tear. However it all turned out well and in the end it was thanks to my own efforts that I got exactly the job I was looking for.
A month ago I started working as a community manager for one of Europe's biggest supermarket chains. If you're wondering what a community manager does, well that's quite simple: He or she maintains the social media channels of a company. So everyone who knows me can imagine why this is my dream job. However those of you who paid attention when I talked about my studies, might be asking themselves how I actually got this job. After all literature hasn't got much to do with Facebook. Well that's where the blog, and therewith also you, come into play. It was really thanks to my work as a blogger that I got this job, so at this point I have to thank everyone who made this possible for me, be it just by following my posts! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Obviously due to the job it has been rather quiet here on the blog and on my own social media channels. Not only because it's dark when I get home so I only have the weekends to take photos, but also because right now I invest most of my creativity into what I do for work. Also I can't go to all the blogger events that I used to attend anymore, as most of them are during the week in the afternoon or too far away from my workplace. That is definitely something I felt a bit disappointed about in the beginning, as I always loved the networking part about blogging. However this blog is still my number one hobby, so once I'll have the right to take some days off from work, I will schedule some fun events agin. 
I must admit that with all the things that are currently going on in my life (there isn't just the new job but also the wedding and the house we're planing!) I shortly asked myself the question if it will make sense to continue blogging at all. However the last few weeks showed me that I would miss it way too much. I still love being a blogger and everything that comes with it! On November 10th it was my 5th blogiversary. In these 5 years I've made some of the best experiences in my life only thanks to blogging. Remember that this year I went to fashion week in Berlin for the first time, so even though I haven't considerably grown my blog, I'm still growing thanks to it myself. Furthermore last week I've been offered one of the most interesting collaborations so far, so there's definitely also things in the future that you and me can be looking forward to. 
This time right now is one of the craziest periods in my life so far and I would like to take you on this journey with me. But don't be afraid, this blog will still be about fashion and beauty in the first place! So watch out for my next post...

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