5 Ways To Wear Fishnet Tights In F/W 2016

photo via Daphale

There are things of which you never thought they'd ever come back in fashion again. You were convinced that they have died with their era. However when it comes to clothes you should never say never and so I even stopped counting all the comebacks we're currently seeing from the 90s. The latest addition to this seemingly endless list are fishnet tights. I am not quite sure in how far they've ever been socially acceptable. I, for one only wore my pair on carnival or Halloween. But now they've made it into my Instagram feed, which means that there must be people who actually wore them on the street (be it just to take a quick #ootd). Anyway, here's how to style fishnet tights according to Instagram fashionistas:

1. As stylish socks

I don't know how about you but I've always admired people who can do magical things with socks. And by magical things I mean pimp their outfits to make them look even more classy, fashionable or sophisticated. The socks of the season are definitely fishnets, which love a low cut shoe like loafers.

2. Under ripped jeans

Ripped jeans in winter might not be the best idea, unless you find goose bumps sexy. What's sexier than that however, and even sexier than just naked skin, is hints of naked skin covered in fishnets. Meow!

3. In sporty combos

I loved my Stan Smiths to death this summer, only to realise that they look ridiculous with tights and that I won't be able to wear them with skirts and dresses for the next 6 months. However there's a solution for that, according to Instagramer @thaonhile who simply combines culottes, sneakers, tennis socks and fishnets. 

4. As the new string tanga

Ok so cropped tops are back, flared jeans are back, how obvious that something sticking out of your pants had to be the next logical step. How good that it's tights this time, and not string tangas!

5. Just like any other tights

The no-brainer: Wear your fishnets as statement tights under a dress or skirt. To make your outfit look less tacky, try to combine them with neutral colours and modern cuts. 

How will you be wearing fishnets this winter? Or are you leaving out this trend?

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