Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops

It gets time to review the emptied beauty products of the month. Lately it was all about clear skin so have a look at what worked for me and what didn't:


About Getting A Job, My 5th Blogiversary, And Other Life Updates

Hello friends! I'm back and oh my gosh did I miss talking to you! I feel like after one of my longest blogging hiatuses so far, I owe you an explanation of what's actually going on in my life right now. To sum it all up in one sentence: I turned into a full-value grown-up with responsibilities and shit within the last 4 months. But let's start at the beginning.


5 Ways To Wear Fishnet Tights In F/W 2016

photo via Daphale

There are things of which you never thought they'd ever come back in fashion again. You were convinced that they have died with their era. However when it comes to clothes you should never say never and so I even stopped counting all the comebacks we're currently seeing from the 90s. The latest addition to this seemingly endless list are fishnet tights. I am not quite sure in how far they've ever been socially acceptable. I, for one only wore my pair on carnival or Halloween. But now they've made it into my Instagram feed, which means that there must be people who actually wore them on the street (be it just to take a quick #ootd). Anyway, here's how to style fishnet tights according to Instagram fashionistas:


Project Wedding: Preparations So Far (10 Months To Go)

wedding fair luxexpo

Wow, in December it will already be a year since I got engaged! And I know I have been really bad at updating you with the preparations. Meanwhile it's 10 months till our wedding, which will now officially be at 25th August 2017. I know it may seem like an odd date, but to us it was more important to choose a day when most of our friends and family would be available, rather than a date that sounds good. So in this post I will share all of our present preparations, but also my feelings about the big day so far.


Lush Christmas Range 2016

We've already had a look at the Christmas collections of Rituals and Sephora, but what would holiday beauty be without Lush? And this year we're starting off with good news because everything from last year's Christmas collection is again available this autumn/winter at Lush. Comparing the  products from last year (check this post) and the new products above, you will immediately notice that the 2016 products look way less Christmasy.

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