Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops

October beauty empties

↓ Flops

TECHNIC Lashitude Mascara
Do you remember my review of Technic cosmetics? I was pretty satisfied with most of their products, but unfortunately the mascara turned out to be considerably less good. I smells quite nasty and also doesn't give the promised volume. It doesn't define my lashes and also makes them look less full than they appear when I use other mascaras. So far one of the weakest mascaras I tried.

HELENA RUBINSTEIN Pure Ritual Intense Comfort Make-Up Remover Milk
You know I'm not a fan of makeup removing milks but they seem to be in almost every goodie bag so I keep giving them a try. This one was rubbish at removing mascara, burned in my eyes and made my skin feel greasy. There are definitely better products out there. 

→ Neutrals

LUVOS Healing Earth Face Mask
Usually I really like face masks with clay but this one isn't meant to clear the skin but to moisturise it with the help of almond milk. It might thus be good for normal skin that just needs a bit of hydration, but I wouldn't recommend it on acne prone skin. It didn't feel as pleasant on my skin as I had imagined and it was a mess to remove. 

YVES ROCHER Coconut Shower Gel
I used to really like coconut scented beauty products but lately I got a bit tired of them. It might partly be the fault of Yves Rocher's coconut range, which doesn't smell particularly well. I even think this shower gel went off as the scent was particularly odd. A pity considering that I had only opened the bottle recently. 

↑ Top

YVES ROCHER Nutri-Repair Shampoo & Conditioner
This shampoo and conditioner are one of the best hair care combos I tried lately. Even though they don't work against frizz, they made my hair softer than it had been in a really long time. Both products are silicone free and contain jojoba oil, and are thus perfect for dry hair. 

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