Lux Fashion Week 2016

Lux Fashion Week Arlon 2016

I have been waiting for it all summer long and last Friday it finally took place: The second edition of the Lux Fashion Week runway in Arlon. To refresh your memory: The Lux Fashion Week 'défilé' was held for the first time last year, featuring 9 really talented Belgian designers. The location for the fashion show was, just like this year, an old train depot.
Due to last year's success of the event, the free tickets were gone in no time. I had set my alarm to make sure to get a place for my sister and me, but there was an issue with our tickets. Therefor we could only have attended the show standing in the last row. As the show was sure to last more than one hour, I preferred to contact the organisers in order to get a press accreditation. They kindly offered me to be among the photographers, so I spent the show sitting on a platform. Sadly the photographers' space was quite far away from the catwalk, so that my pictures didn't turn out as well as in the front row last year.
As for the remaining organisation of the event I had mixed feelings. Even though the organisers had made sure to regulate the parking possibilities, the show started off with 45 minutes delay. That however was also due to the guests who preferred to stick to the bar instead of sitting down like they had been told three times via loudspeakers! I could even observe some people with a front row seat only arriving minutes before the show and already leaving before the final walk of the designers. Sadly it's always fashion events that make me realise how rude some people can be...
But let's continue on a more positive note, namely my review of the different collections. 

Feyrouz Ashoura Lux Fashion Week 2016

1. Feyrouz Ashoura

The show started off with Luxembourgish designer Feyrouz Ashoura, who I am lucky to know personally. Even though I've been knowing her for a while, I've never seen her creations worn by models, which is why I had impatiently been awaiting her collection. I surely wasn't disappointed! Under the theme 'Cabinet des Curiosités' she first showed an artistic video and then presented the most amazing gowns with surrealistic details. The makeup and hair of her models were just on point, too. Feyrouz Ashoura's collection is definitely international haute couture fashion week material!

robin huberty Lux fashion week 2016

2. Robin Huberty: R+HUBERTY

Just like last year designer Robin Huberty was in charge of the male fashion. He could again convince with clean cuts and earthy colours. His creations are just what all bloggers want their boyfriends to wear. 

Kathleen Guérisse Lux Fashion Week 2016

3. Kathleen Guérisse: GENERAL GUERISSE

Last year I wrote about Kathleen Guérisse that she isn't a woman of understatement and that was even more true this year. She exceeded the creation of gowns for an upper class elite and now arrived at looks that would make every movie set designer jealous.  

Marjorie Hinque Lux Fashion Week 2016

4. Marjorie Hinque

When the show of Marjorie Hinque started off I wasn't sure what to expect, as she hadn't been a part of last year's Lux Fashion Week. Some of the dresses she presented were rather casual, which is why I underrated her at first. However with the looks above she definitely has potential to become one of my new favourite designers from the show. The last outfit finally erased all of my doubts and I loved the moment when the almost bald-headed model took off the hood of her sweater. 

Vinciane Collignon Lux Fashion Week 2016

5. Vinciane Collignon: VINCIANE*C

Last year Vinciane Collignon presented sheer negligee style dresses that I found quite pretty. This season she concentrated on print dresses with cut-out details. Unfortunately to me her collection was the most uninteresting of all.

Sandrine Dauchot Lux Fashion Week 2016

6. Sandrine Dauchot: IL ETAIT UNE FOIS

I must admit that I didn't remember Sandrine Dauchot and her brand 'Il était une fois' from last year. This is probably due to the fact that she had focused on regular evening gowns and wedding dresses. I found her creations slightly more modern this time.

Sophie de Brouwer Lux Fashion Week 2016

7. Sophie de Brouwer: SDB TAILOR MADE

Last year I had declared Sophie de Brouwer my favourite designer of the show. Unfortunately I found her collection less elaborated and trendy this time. However she clearly didn't ignore the latest trends in her collection, as can easily be seen by the fake fur slippers. Despite my slight disappointment about the looks, I thoroughly enjoyed her show which was the most entertaining of all. Again she worked with models of all ages that made for a good mood on the catwalk.

Tamara Stea Lux Fashion Week 2016

8. Tamara Stea: LUNA MARA

Another new brand to me was Luna Mara by designer Tamara Stea. Her first looks reminded me of 90s office outfits. The rest of her collection didn't really resonate with me, even though I quite liked the last transparent dress.

Marie Schweisthal Lux Fashion Week 2016

9. Marie Schweisthal

Marie Schweisthal is the only designer whose name you should know by now, as I already talked about her twice. I didn't only see her at the first edition of Lux Fashion Week, but she also showed her collection at the Fashion Days Luxembourg, which took place a month later in Luxembourg and will again be held this year. On both occasions she presented an edgy collection in red, white and black in which she mixed feminine and bold pieces. Her F/W 2016 collection goes under the theme of 'vikings' and was by far my favourite of the show! She worked with black feathers, fury materials and shiny velvet, but also floral prints and feminine cuts. I definitely need one of her sweaters in my life and I love how she accessorised her looks with bold belts and statement necklaces worn backwards. To me Marie Schweisthal is THE label to watch!

Hélène Guiot Lux Fashion Week 2016

10. Hélène Guiot: UNE FEMME EST NEE

Hélène Guiot presented a collection that was a mixture of baroque/punk/gothic inspired dresses and pretty (wedding) gowns. As I haven't heard of the brand before that's about as much as I can tell you. 

Manon Peuteman Lux Fashion Week 2016

11. Manon Peuteman: JULIA

Last year Manon Peuteman was among my favourite designers thanks to her modern sporty collection. This year she focused on black and white outfits with trendy details such as ruffles or bell sleeves. Her boob patch dress was a real highlight and I would be glad to wear most of her outfits. Not pictured is her dress that can be worn in two ways (one side all black one side with a colour block print), which again shows her desire to create versatile looks. Last year she had come up with reversible skirts

Bastien Sebillot Lux Fashion Week 2016

12. Bastien Sebillot

I really can't believe that Bastien Sebillot wasn't a part of last year's Lux Fashion Week. However I already had the pleasure to see his creations at the Fashion Days Luxembourg. Of all the designers we spoke about today, he's the one with the most concise signature style, always working with faux leather and tulle which he layers in a very distinctive way. While he had gone for all black and red last year, he switched to all black and dark blue for the Lux Fashion Week. To me this man is just a genius. Never before have I seen such a refined use of tulle or sheer details as on his garments. 

Bastien Sebillot Lux Fashion Week 2016

The Lux Fashion Week isn't just a runway show but a week full of fashion events in Arlon. You can find the whole program here. Also make sure to ready my post from last year below to compare the designers' work and get to know more Belgian fashion brands.

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