Best Beauty Boxes Available In Luxembourg

We all know the famous beauty boxes that are being delivered on a monthly basis to beauty addicts all over the world. My absolute favourite has got to be the 'My Little Box' which comes up with the cutest surprises in the history of beauty boxes. Unfortunately, just like so many of the good things in life, the 'My Little Box' isn't available in Luxembourg. I could use my P.O. box to get it sent here but that would cost me an additional 5€ and let's be honest, beauty boxes are already expensive enough. So instead of being annoyed by the injustice of living in one of Europe's smallest countries, I decided to do some research on which beauty boxes are actually available for delivery to Luxembourg. And surprisingly I got more results than I had thought. Do you already know these 7 boxes from Germany, France and Belgium?

1. La Pochette De Janette

Pochette de Janette beauty box luxembourg

About: I've done many posts about the 'Pochette de Janette' as it's the only beauty box made in Luxembourg. You can see some of the previous contents and my reviews here. The 'pochettes' mostly contain beauty products such as nail polishes or hair products, little accessories, but also lifestyle products such as entrance tickets, vouchers or tea. The products come in small pouches with a hand-drawn design. 
Available in: Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany
Price*: 20,50€
Verdict: Mainly interesting for people from Luxembourg due to the local vouchers. 

2. Lookfantastic

lookfantastic beauty box

About: The boxes contain 6 beauty products from known international brands. All boxes have a nice design and come with a different motto each month, such as Britain, bloom or detox. 
Available: pretty much all over the world
Price*: 18,00€
Verdict: Great for discovering new brands and products at a small price and therefor my favourite! Also check out this year's Lookfantastic Advent calendar.

3. Vegan Beauty Basket

vegan beauty basket abo box

About: Every 2 months you get a pouch containing vegan beauty products that haven't been tested on animals. 
Available in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and every other European country upon request
Price*: 24,90€
Verdict: Perfect for people who are new to vegan cosmetics and want to discover some more brands. 

4. Deauty Box

deauty box discover beauty

About: The boxes contain 4-6 cosmetic products in travel and original size.
Available in: Luxembourg and Belgium
Price*: 16,95€
Verdict: Nice for beauty box lovers on a budget. 

5. Ma Boîte À Beauté

ma boite à beauté abo

About: Contains beauty products from natural, ethical and innovative beauty brands. 
Available in: Luxembourg, France, Corsica, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland
Price*: 29,90€
Verdict: Regarding that it's the most expensive box from this post, it could come in a prettier packaging. 

6. La Boîte D'Hortense

About: At 'La Boîte d'Hortense' you can choose between a tea box and a well-being box, but also the second one will contain some tea or a treat along the beauty products. It all comes in a cute round box with a drawing.
Available in: Luxembourg, Belgium, France, the Netherlands
Price*: 22,00€
Verdict: The contained brands are not quite as exciting as in some of the other boxes.

7. Nuoo Box

Nuoo beauty box organic

About: A beauty box containing 5 small size organic, natural or vegan beauty products by classic but also more unknown brands.
Available in: Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland
Price*: 23,00€
Verdict: Great for discovering new organic beauty brands but maybe a bit expensive regarding they are all small size.

* Prices without delivery and for the smallest subscription option.

Are you currently subscribed to a beauty box? If yes which one and how do you like it?

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