Monthly Beauty Tops and Flops

Sometimes all it takes to make something interesting again is a new name, right? Well I'm not sure if that will help for this post series, but as you can see I renamed my 'Beauty Empties' to 'Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops'. The content will still stay the same, which means that I will continue to review emptied beauty products at the end of each month. However thanks to a scale from 'flops' to 'tops' you will now immediately see which of these products I'm recommending and which weren't worth the purchase. This should be particularly interesting for those who come here to discover new try-worthy products, and aren't looking for any particular review. You will still be able to find all monthly beauty reviews under the tag 'empties' below this post.

↓ Flop

P2 Perfect Face Make Up Fixing Spray
The least commendable product this month has got to be a make up fixing spray by the German drugstore brand p2. It says 'Refreshing and fixing make up spray with silk protein. Matt effect.' and should be suited for the use over powder. It comes as a pump spray and smells of grapefruit. Unfortunately the spray isn't misty enough so it takes a while to dry and is hard to apply uniformly. The result isn't matte, or at least not as matte as a natural powder finish. I also didn't notice any major effects on the longevity of my make up. Meanwhile the spray comes in a different bottle and with a slightly different name, but is still available at dm (shop here). Pro tip by my sister in case you have a useless fixing spray at home, too: Use it to damp your make up brushes for a more intense look. 

→ Neutrals

AYUR-VANA 'Triphala' face scrub
Back when I reviewed a whole bunch of products from this Ayurvedic brand I wrote the following about this scrub: 'I really like the texture of it as it's quite slushy and the grains have the perfect size. The scrub contains cinnamon which gives the scrub its smell and stimulates the blood flow as I could notice when using it on my decollete. My skin felt great after using the scrub and so far it's definitely one of the best I ever tried.' By now however I would like to add that the peeling effect isn't really great, and that I would thus mainly recommend this scrub to people with sensitive skin. You can read the whole review and discover the other products here

RITUALS 'The Ritual Of Sakura' Zensational Foaming Shower Gel
This shower gel comes with organic rice milk and cherry blossom. Even though I really like these foaming shower products by Rituals, I find the scent of most of them too strong. My favourite scent used to be 'Fujiyama', which has been taken out of the range. The one that comes closest is 'Happy Buddha' so if you're new to Rituals' foaming gels I would suggest you go for that one. A plus for 'The Ritual Of Sakura' however is the motivational quote on the bottle that says: 'Celebrate each day as a new beginning'. Too bad that I always shower in the evening...

ESSENTIAL FACTORY 'Classic Avocado' face cream
A while ago I went to the launch of Essential Factory, a Luxembourgish brand that produces face creams. So far their range consists of three creams: the 'Delicate Cocoshea', the 'Classic Avocado' and the 'Rich Mango'. I got to try the avocado cream which is suited for mixed and oily skin. All creams are organic, ethically manufactured and not tested on animals. They are ought to be stored cool and used up within 6 months after opening. However I find that 6 months is a really long time for such a natural product. Also I wouldn't store this cream for ages before opening it either. It's best used right after buying and used up as quickly as possible. The texture is a bit like that of coconut oil but the cream doesn't melt quite as quickly. You don't need much of it to cover a whole face, but the packaging is unfortunately a bit delusive. The 30ml content were used up quite quickly. Even though the cream consists of oils mainly, it didn't leave my skin all too greasy. I even used it before applying my makeup and didn't see a difference to other creams. What I like is that this is a beauty product that you can really trust when it comes to ingredients. I could imagine using Essential Factory face cream again, even though it didn't really change my skin appearance. 

YVES ROCHER 'Spicy Vanilla' Liquid Hand Soap
Among last year's Yves Rocher Christmas editions was the 'Spicy Vanilla' range. The belonging liquid hand soap smelled indeed of vanilla and candied oranges. However it wasn't a super duper Christmasy scent, which is why we used the soap during the last few months.

NIP+FAB 'Body Slim Fix' 2-in-1 Body Moisturizer + Toning Gel
You know that when it comes to toning I can only recommend one single cream which is the Garnier Body Tonic. However the 'Body Slim Fix' by Nip+Fab contains green coffee and another special slimming ingredient so it should have a toning effect, too. Apart from that it is awesome at moisturising, has a silky texture that doesn't leave the skin greasy, and it also smells super fresh, a bit like bubblegum. So even though I don't think this can visibly sculpt your body contours you should definitely try it for an improved skin texture. 

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no must have beauty finds this month

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