Manic(ure) Monday: Greige, The New Beige

If I would still go to high school then today would be my back to school day. Somehow I'm overly glad that I am done with school and university, but on the other hand I also miss the time in my life when I didn't have to take a lot of important decisions myself. Currently as I'm looking for a job, planning my wedding and about to build a house, I feel more like an adult than ever. So that's why this post is dedicated to everyone who currently had to go back to the seriousness of real life. Be it school, your job or other important appointments: Let's make sure we're rocking this with a sophisticated manicure!
If you want your nails to look on fleek and classy but you need a little break from your usual 50 shades of red, then you may wanna get your hands on some greige nail polish. Greige is a mixture of grey and beige and usually also has a hint of mauve. It is a decent, nude colour but makes a fashion statement at the same time. Thus the colour epitome of sophistication. There are quite a few brands that sell greige nail polishes, among them my all time favourties Kiko and Essie, but in today's post I'm gonna review Catrice's number 61 which is called 'Greige! The New Beige'. At the same time I'm also gonna share my opinion on Catrice's 'Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat'.
Let's start off with the nail polish. The greige shade looks really nice and turns slightly darker once applied. The bottle comes with a quite large rounded brush, that makes the application super easy. The texture of the nail polish is good for a neat result, too. It dries fairly quickly without leaving nasty bubbles. Unfortunately without a top coat the manicure chips really easily. 
The brush of the top coat is narrower and has a square tip. However the application is still quite easy, as the nail polish texture is sufficiently thin. The quick drying effect is noticeable and the top coat leaves a shiny finish. Unfortunately the top coat texture aggresses the nail polish and makes it come off. This results in a polluted brush and top coat. I would thus not recommend the top coat for nail arts that involve several colours. Furthermore I didn't feel like the top coat protected my manicure much from chipping. Therefor I can only recommend the greige nail polish which should however only to be used with a better top coat. 

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