My Summer 2016 Travel Plans

While most of you have probably already been on holiday and are thinking about fall fashion and going back to school/work, my summer experience is only just coming up. I've already announced it on Instagram: I'll be doing a US road trip!
Today we're flying to New York where we'll spend a few days before discovering some other cities in the East of America. From Washington we'll take another plane that will take us to Los Angeles. After a few days there we'll continue our road trip by bus until our final destination Las Vegas.
I'm not going to reveal too much as there will be some detailed US posts coming your way once I'm back! That means that my blog will stay calm for the next two weeks. I'll be back here in September at the latest with a full load of fresh news and impressions.
However if you want to follow my trip and get your USA fix as soon as possible, then you shouldn't miss to follow me on Instagram! There I'll not only be uploading photos daily but I'll also use the new Instagram Stories function to let you follow my adventure in real-time.
Until then, enjoy the rest of summer! Talk to you soon.

USA road trip

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