How I'm Preparing for an 8+ Hour Flight

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On Friday I will be posting some more details about my summer holidays this year, but as you might already know from my social media channels I'll be going to the US this month! As I have never left Europe before I also never flew such a long distance. And I must admit that the perspective of spending more than 8 hours in a plane is quite terrifying. I'm not afraid of flying but thanks to my fiancé, how has been watching every single plane crash documentary with me, I also don't ignore the potential danger. However what I'm much more afraid of than a plane crash, is the fact that I'll have to sit in one place for half a day, probably feeling cramped and so bored that it will make me terribly nervous. That's why I've been thinking about some ways to make this flight as pleasant as possible and who'd I be not to share them with you?

1. Sleep

The best way to bridge such a long flight is by sleeping, especially as we'll arrive at our destination at a time when I would slowly get ready to go to bed while in fact we'll be having all afternoon and evening to spend. I refrained from taking sleeping pills as I'll be tired from getting to the airport so early in the morning. However if you have trouble sleeping they might be a one time option. Furthermore I will also take a sleep mask and earplugs to create ideal sleeping conditions. What might also be helpful for someone who has trouble sleeping away from home is a sleep enhancing spray like the one I introduced in this post

2. Entertainment

I probably won't be able to sleep during the whole flight so I will take something to keep my busy. I packed my iPod with some brand new songs that I hardly ever listened to, I'll be getting some magazines at the airport, and I bought some books that will surely get me hooked. If you're taking your smartphone or laptop but won't be having WiFi during your flight, you could also prepare some offline work to do. This could be as dull as going through your old photos and deleting or sorting them - basically stuff that you never have time for. Just don't forget to take a charger! Another good thing to do on a plane is prepare your holidays. As we'll only have limited time in every city we'll be visiting, it's good to plan ahead so we can make most of our stay. 

3. Cosiness

Sleeping is also really hard when you don't feel at ease. That's why I'll try my best to feel cosy and relaxed. That means jogging pants instead of jeans! I'm also someone who loves to take their shoes off whenever possible, so I will take some fluffy socks to keep my feet warm. We all know how cold it can get on a plane so I'll make sure to take a cardigan and scarf as well. 

4. Health & Body

The worst thing that can happen on a plane is feeling sick and not having the right remedies with you. As I've had problems with dry nasal mucosa on planes before, I packed a moisturising nose spray. However it's always good to take some general medicine as well. Drinking enough water can never harm and it will give you an excuse to move a bit (on your way to the toilet). I will probably also feel quite scruffy after 8 hours in one seat so taking a deodorant and toothbrush wouldn't be a bad option. Just don't forget to always check what you're actually allowed to take on a plane. 

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How do you prepare for long flights and what are your favourite in-flight beauty essentials?

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