Beauty Empties August

beauty empties August sunscreen review

For the August edition of my empties post, I thought I'd concentrate on products that are potential summer beauty helpers. And I say potential because as usual I wasn't satisfied with everything that I tested. One must have summer product is of course sunscreen and this year I've been going even one step further when it comes to sun care... What else is important in summer? For me it's straight hair that resists the heat and humidity. Therefor we'll be having a look at a shampoo range with coconut oil. Last but not least I'm also reviewing something that was praised as a real game changer in skin care.

GARNIER Ultra Doux cacao butter and coconut oil shampoo & conditioner

No need to introduce the Ultra Doux range by Garnier as it's has been my go-to hair care for the last few months. Recently I tried another edition of their shampoos and conditioners, namely the one with cacao butter and coconut oil. Already when using the shampoo I noticed a difference as it didn't feel quite as cleansing as other products from the range, but therefor all the more moisturising. Funnily enough when you use hair care products with oil you hair is easier to dry and only by using this shampoo and conditioner my hair dried in no time. It also turned out more straight than with other shampoos, so I regard these products as really good for dry hair. 

BALEA Dusch-Bodymilk Vanille

Let's come to the praised product I've been talking about. You certainly all remember that a few years ago the advertisements were full of in-shower body milk products. Well I tried one by Balea and didn't manage to empty it up to this date as it simply didn't work for me. You're supposed to apply the body milk in the shower and then wash it off before stepping out. However my skin always required additional skin care after drying so this product was rather a waste of time than a time saver. 

LA ROCHE-POSAY Anthelios XL Dry Touch Gel-Cream 50+

When I had to fight a sun allergy a few years ago, my dermatologist prescribed me this face sunscreen. Even though it says gel cream it is in fact a regular sun cream. I also didn't notice a dry touch effect as it was just as greasy as similar products. Furthermore it left a noticeable white layer on my skin. Despite all it protected me from my sun allergy and sunburns so I would recommend it for people with really sensitive skin only. 

L'ORÉAL Sublime Sun Nude Skin Sensation 50 SPF protecting spray dry touch effect

A real gamer changer in sun care has got to be the Nude Skin Sensation sun spray by L'Oréal. Even though it has a SPF of 50 it doesn't leave any white marks but comes out of the bottle as a transparent spray. I hardly had to rub it in as the mist was so fine. Also L'Oréal really masters the dry touch effect as this sunscreen didn't feel sticky at all. This is without hesitating the best sunscreen product I've been using in years and I will definitely be repurchasing it next year. By the way, the bottle lasts out for one week of summer holidays.

YVES ROCHER Sun Vitamins Antioxidant Protection

Last but not least I told you that I've been stepping up my sunscreen game this year. Maybe you remember this post where I've already been talking about Yves Rocher's innovative skin care products. What I tried of those products are the sun prepping pills with evening primrose oil and antioxidant complex. You're supposed to take two a day, starting one or two weeks before going on holidays and continuing to take them throughout your vacation. However one box only contains 30 pills so I took 2 of them starting one week before going on holidays and ended only taking one during my last week there. Of course it's hard to say whether they had any beneficial effects on my skin, but what I can say is that I had no problems with sun allergies or major sunburns. However I didn't tan more than usual, and I also don't think that the little tan I got will stay on any longer than usual. Also be aware that these pills do not replace an external sunscreen! 

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