Beauty Empties August

beauty empties August sunscreen review

For the August edition of my empties post, I thought I'd concentrate on products that are potential summer beauty helpers. And I say potential because as usual I wasn't satisfied with everything that I tested. One must have summer product is of course sunscreen and this year I've been going even one step further when it comes to sun care... What else is important in summer? For me it's straight hair that resists the heat and humidity. Therefor we'll be having a look at a shampoo range with coconut oil. Last but not least I'm also reviewing something that was praised as a real game changer in skin care.


Outfit: WhoWhatWear for Target

WhoWhatWear for Target collection outfit worn

Here we go again! I'm back from the US and, first things first, I want to thank you all so much for leaving the cutest comments under my last post and on Instagram. Some of you even gave me recommendations on what to do in the different cities I've been visiting so also thanks a million for that! I know you are eagerly waiting for detailed travel posts here on the blog, and they will definitely be coming! It's just that I took too many pictures to edit them all in two days, but the first post is planned for Friday so make sure to check back then if you're into some major US travel tips!


My Summer 2016 Travel Plans

While most of you have probably already been on holiday and are thinking about fall fashion and going back to school/work, my summer experience is only just coming up. I've already announced it on Instagram: I'll be doing a US road trip!


How I'm Preparing for an 8+ Hour Flight

prepare long flight in-flight beauty essentials plane

On Friday I will be posting some more details about my summer holidays this year, but as you might already know from my social media channels I'll be going to the US this month! As I have never left Europe before I also never flew such a long distance. And I must admit that the perspective of spending more than 8 hours in a plane is quite terrifying. I'm not afraid of flying but thanks to my fiancé, how has been watching every single plane crash documentary with me, I also don't ignore the potential danger. However what I'm much more afraid of than a plane crash, is the fact that I'll have to sit in one place for half a day, probably feeling cramped and so bored that it will make me terribly nervous. That's why I've been thinking about some ways to make this flight as pleasant as possible and who'd I be not to share them with you?


How I Clean My White Sneakers

clean white shoes sneakers tutorial

In my teens it were Converse and Vans, later on I swore by the white 9,99- H&M fabric shoes, and now I've fallen for the Stan Smith trend. Fact is there have always been white shoes in my life that needed to be kept clean (because shabby chic was not an expression that my mother kept in her vocabulary and by now I prefer clean shoes, too).


Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: Pros and Cons

Snapchat Instagram Stories pros and cons

A few days ago the social media community has yet again been confronted with a stirring update. After the news that Instagram will change its algorithm, which caused quite some confusion and anger among the community, the app now surprised us with Instagram stories. You don't need to be a social media pro to notice that this new function has been more than inspired by Snapchat.


Outfit: What I Wore To A Job Interview

Zara orange flower kimono blouse

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook already know that I am currently looking for my first real job. Luckily not all of my applications are being ignored, so I already had the one or other job interview. One of the things about job interviews that is highly discussed, is the outfit you should be wearing. Well now guess that I'm not into blazers at 25°C so I had to ask myself what to wear instead that would make me look qualified and capable.


Get Your Tech Fit For Summer (GIVEAWAY!)

caseapp macbook skin iphone case tropical patches review giveaway

For a girl like me, who uses her phone more than any human being should, getting a new case is about as exciting as getting a new bag or pair of shoes. That's why I am always happy to collaborate with tech supply stores that sell pretty and not so average cases. CaseApp is one of these shops as it doesn't only offers popular marble designs but also allows you to create a custom iPhone case or laptop skin. I was allowed to choose two products so I decided to try and review both services for you. Make sure to read until the end as you will be able to win one free product from their store!

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