Why You Can Ignore Most Blogging Advice

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In the world wide web there are so many things that can absorb you. You'll spend your time clicking from one page to the next, losing track of time. When you're a blogger chances are this has happened to you with blogging advice. There was a time when I clicked on every single link that said something about tips. In the end I didn't even have time left to actually check the posts of my favourite bloggers.
While some tips are surely helpful, especially if you're a blogging beginner and don't know where to start, I also feel like all of this advice has standardized the blogosphere even further. We're all so busy posting 1-3 Instagram pictures a day that we forget to actually come up with new ideas for our blogs. So here are my four main reasons why you can actually ignore most blogging advice:

It's not specific to your niche

Some people make a business out of being a blog coach. What they teach is eventually how they grew their own blog. However when you're a blog coach you aren't a blogger anymore and you don't have a blog but just a page that promotes your business. Filling this page is easy as it will be all about blogging tips and people love blogging tips. So growing your 'blog' probably wasn't hard because you're super helpful for other bloggers. However that doesn't mean that you can automatically teach other bloggers how to be successful in their own niche.
For example one of the advices I read over and over again is to stick to one super specific subject on your blog and Instagram. While this may also apply to fashion blogs (for instance if you concentrate on fair fashion) I always like to consider fashion bloggers as more than just people who write about fashion. A good fashion blogger inspires their audience in a way that their readers don't just want to know what they wear but also which beauty products they use, where they go on holiday and yes, even what they had for breakfast. I seriously don't think that I'd be following my favourite bloggers if they would only just post about one single subject. I enjoy the variety and the fact that they grant me access to several areas of their lives. 

It's not specific to your area

Just like many blogging coaches think they can be useful for bloggers from every niche, they also think that their advices apply all over the world. However I don't think this is the case. Living in one of the world's smallest countries I've learnt the hard way what it means to not have the same possibilities as people in other countries. This already starts at social media. While Pinterest is widely used in the US and thus a great tool for US bloggers to grow their audience, I hardly know any non-blogger in Luxembourg who'd be using Pinterest regularly. So if I want to reach a local audience Pinterest won't help me much. The same goes for events and collaborations which aren't treated the same way in every country either.

All-around solutions don't exist

Just because something worked for another blogger doesn't mean it will work for you, too. This is partly due to the first two points but goes even further. Some people out there got terribly successful thanks to Pinterest, other bloggers swear on Twitter. In the end what makes you successful are your followers who care about what you have to say. So if you've been able to build a following just with your pictures and texts, then there's really no need to change your strategy because people are already loving what you're doing. 

It'll make your forget why you started 

One of the many blogging tips you will get is remembering why you actually started. However after all the 'rules' of things you should else do to be successful with your blog, you won't even have time to concentrate on your unique message. You will be too busy optimizing your Instagram photos, setting up a newsletter or pinning 50 images a day. This pretty dull work will absorb all of your creativity so even if you've got time left to create content after all the technical stuff, will you really be inspired to write something that lets your own voice shine through? 

So what's the solution?

Obviously I'm not going to give any advice here because otherwise I would be contradicting my title. However I think that I should rather have spent the time I used for optimization to concentrate on my texts, photos and followers. Maybe at one point bloggers started caring to much about the money and the fame instead of just doing it for the fun like they used to. In the end what keeps this business alive are creativity and individuality and those are things you can't learn.

What do you think about blogging advice? Do you still find it helpful or have you started listening to your own voice? 

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