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During the summer months there's usually not much going on in the fashion industry, until in September the big four fashion weeks are starting. And still I constantly get newsletters and brand updates of which I found some share-worthy enough to talk about in today's 'What's Up?'.

# Sustainability: Recycled Fashion

I've been getting a great amount of feedback on my post about ethical fashion brands last week and I'm really glad to see that you care just as much about this subject as I do. I really do believe that sustainable fashion is the future and more and more high street brands are taking a step in the right direction. H&M is already known for its conscious collections and recycling program, and now Weekday and & Other Stories, which both belong to the H&M group, are jumping on the environmental bandwagon, too. At & Other Stories you can not just recycle your empty beauty packagings but also your old clothes and will be rewarded with a 10% off voucher for every item you hand in. Weekday took the recycling game even further and just released the 'Remains' capsule collection: 'For this collection we have used leftover materials, which utilizes material already made and allows us to save materials that might otherwise be discarded.' For now the collection only features a few denim items, but clothes made off jersey and knit will follow soon. Shop the pieces here.

recycled clothes collection weekday

# New Beauty Brand: L.O.V

Starting this August a new beauty brand will be available in drugstores all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland (additional countries will follow) as well as online. Cosnova, the company behind every German girl's favourite cosmetics labels essence and Catrice, has announced their new brand L.O.V with the words: 'Prestige products in the high-end mass market'. A first look at the packagings didn't get me too excited yet, but if the quality is as good and the products as cheap as the newsletter announces, then the L.O.V products are definitely worth giving a try. Stay up to date about the launch here. 

L.O.V beauty Marke Cosnova

# Accessory Crush: Coucou Suzette

Pins and patches are this summer's must have accessory. On Etsy there are so many creative young brands that it's hard to decide where to purchase your cactus patches and peace sign pins. One label you should definitely consider though, is the French 'Coucou Suzette'. The accessories that reach from pins over earrings to socks, are a mixture of 'pop art, kitsch and girl power'. The brand is no longer an insider's tip as the 'Coucou Suzette' accessories are being sold in concept stores all over the world. Recently the designer Juliette even published a picture on her Facebook page, showing how some Inditex brands (Zara and co.) copied some of her designs for their own pin collections. I say it's better to shop from amazing people like Juliette instead of supporting uncreative mass production. So go girls, have a look at her online shop and get yourselves some boob earrings, burger pins or cocktail patches (to try my patch jeans DIY of course)!

Coucou Suzette

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