How To Get Into (Berlin) Fashion Week

how to get into fashion week

So I've been to Berlin Fashion Week and it's about time to stop annoying you with my many posts about that topic. However there's one that I feel like I should publish nevertheless. Because in fact it is pretty easy to get into fashion week and still there is no one out there telling you how to actually proceed. Even though so many bloggers have already attended various fashion events all around the world, they still keep it a secret how they managed to get these freaking invitations. So if like me you've failed to find a post about how to really get into fashion week until now, then this one's for you my fellow blogger friend. You will see that it's not that hard and basically just requires some serious research. The big four international fashion weeks will be in September so you still got time to try your luck to get into them. There really is nothing you need to be afraid of and even if you don't manage to attend a show, there are still so many other events during fashion week that will make a trip to the fashion city of your choice worth it.
To start off with I should tell you that one can usually not buy tickets for shows during fashion week. Everything goes by invitation and it's either the brand or their PR agency which take care of this. Usually every brand has a limit of people they may invite, which obviously depends on the size of the location. That means that popular brands can be more picky about the people they invite while rather unknown brands will be happy to have you to fill their rows. Thus if you want to be sure to be able to attend shows during a fashion week, you should rather opt for the not so known events like Berlin, Amsterdam, Australia or Istanbul Fashion Week for example. So now let's have a look at what you need to do once you've decided which fashion week to attend.

Contact brands and PR agencies

It is possible to sign up as a press member on the official web pages of the various fashion weeks. However this may cost a little fee and certainly doesn't guarantee you access to every show if you're only a beginning blogger. Usually you will see better results by contacting the brands or their PR agencies directly. Once the schedule of the shows has been confirmed, you can check out the labels that will be organising a show and decide which one you'd like to attend. Sometimes you will find the press contact details right on the official fashion week pages but sometimes you will also have to find out for yourself. Always make sure to contact the press responsible of the brand and not just a random employee. Tell them why you want to attend their show and why you appreciate their brand and ideally send them some of your previous posts about fashion weeks or similar topics. The right time to start contacting brands varies but in my opinion it's always good to start as early as possible. Sometimes they will ask you to contact them again later, which you should absolutely mark in your calendar!

Sign up for trade fairs and showrooms

Some of the most interesting events during fashion weeks are trade fairs and showrooms as they will allow you to have a close look at the new collections and get in touch with the brands for possible collaborations. While it's easy to get access to trade fairs as a blogger (simply sign up on their web page) the access to showrooms seems to be more limited and exclusive. You will probably have more chances to get access to a showroom organised by a PR company than by a brand so again it's worth reaching out to those that you're interested in.

Search for blogger events

Of course you'll also want to make use of blogger events. Some are open to everyone and you'll only need to sign up for them. To stay up to date make sure to subscribe to the event newsletter a few weeks in advance! Other bloggers events are only open to some selected few. Make sure to get in touch with the organisers a few months before fashion week and tell them you want to be part of their blogger network or be signed up to their blogger newsletter. The hardest part is finding out about all of these events so you can actually sign up for them. That's why it's always good to follow fashion bloggers from that area during one fashion week season so you can try to get into the same events as them the next season. (For a selection of blogger events during Berlin Fashion Week, have a look at my recap posts here, here and here.)

Become friends with bloggers on Facebook

If you've managed to get to know some bloggers who are attending fashion week regularly, you should definitely send them a friend request on Facebook. On their profile page you'll be able to check out the fashion week events they are going to and sign up for the same events yourself. At the same time don't forget to ask these bloggers if they'd like to go there with you as it will be even more fun together. 

Find a fellow blogger to team up with

The above doesn't just count for particular events. Fashion week can be quite nerve wrecking, especially finding the right locations in time. Together it will all become easier and your research will be more successful, too. Maybe your friend will get an invitation you didn't get so you can be their plus one and vice versa. Plus you can share a hotel room so you have someone to help you choose the right outfit in the morning. 

Regularly check the official Fashion Week page

After searching for fashion week events on blogs and social media, you shouldn't neglect the official fashion week pages either. They usually have an event calendar that doesn't only feature the shows but also the trade fairs, blogger events, showrooms and more. However always read the event descriptions carefully as many of them aren't open for anyone either so again you will have to contact the organisers beforehand. (B2C means open for public, B2B means that only industry representatives are allowed in.) In fact during all fashion week we didn't go to a single event that was open for public, except one where we had to pay an entrance fee. 

Sign up for newsletters

If you've done all the above research you will probably know which brands are regularly organising events during fashion week. It can be magazines, beauty brands, PR agencies,... If however you didn't manage to find out if they will be hosting an event again this season or whom to contact, you can always sign up for their newsletter and hope that they will announce it there or at least do a fashion week related giveaway that could be your entrance ticket to yet another cool show or event. 

Collaborate with relevant brands beforehand

Contacting all these brands takes up a lot of time and sometimes you will feel like a beggar asking for a coin. So if you want to be one of those bloggers that get fashion week invitations in their mail box without asking for them, then you either need to be so good they can't decide not to have you, or you need to collaborate with the brand beforehand. Showing them you're interested in their brand and are reliable when it comes to coverage on your blog is the best way to make them wanna have you at their show. 

Some extra advice:

  • Take a risk and book your flight and hotel super early. Fashion week cities will be booked out weeks in advance and even if you don't get any invitations in the end you can still do a city trip instead. 
  • You will have to rush from one location to the other so if you want to change outfits in between you better make sure to have a hotel that lies within the area of interest.
  • You will not get allotted a front row seat and sometimes not even a seat at all. However there will always be guests who don't show up so if you wait until the beginning of the show you might be lucky and get a good seat in one of the first rows nevertheless. 
  • Check your mails several times a day during fashion week as some invitations may come last minute

how to get access to fashion week

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