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beauty empties july hair care dry shampoo review

I am definitely guilty of using the same beauty brands over and over again. So those who read my empties posts to discover new products might be happy to see that today I'm featuring some brands I have hardly or never talked about on Clothes and Camera. They happen to be somewhat more expensive products than usual as well, but to find out if they're worth splurging on you gotta read on...

YVES ROCHER 'Candied Orange & Almond' Shower & Bath Gel

Somehow I always use up special edition Christmas/winter beauty products during the summer months. No shame here, I love myself a good cinnamon or chocolate smell all year round. The key scents of this Yves Rocher shower & bath gel are candied orange and almond, which make a quite fresh perfume with a sweet and warm end note. Would totally repurchase that if they have something similar next winter, alone for the cute packaging.

p2 Moisturizing Ultra Gel 

This is one of the products that goes under the category 'bought it years ago and never managed to empty it'. Meanwhile I broke the lid and almost lost it on the train (because what else are train rides good for?) but still kept the gel until it went bad some weeks ago. In fact it's a moisturizing nail gel that comes with a brush to apply but it's not like nail polish which means you can massage it in with your fingers. I regularly used it in my nail care routine to make my nails looks less dry. However I don't think this product had a long-term effect on my nails and was really just good to give them a healthier look. (Click here for before and after pictures.)

MIRIAM QUEVEDO Haircare Luxe Line Sublime Gold 'The Gold Mask'

This hair mask sounded really promising at first as it contains micronized 24k gold and caviar. Other active ingredients are organic argan oil, keratin and green tea. 250ml of this mask cost 38,25€ so I was really happy to get it in a subscription beauty box. However in the end I didn't notice any benefits on my hair and I honestly already used conditioners that made my hair softer than this. The mask smells quite good (not fishy like I thought at first) and glitters nicely, but that's about it. So no need to splurge here.

CATTIER Anti-Age Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

I already introduced the brand Cattier in my post about organic beauty brands and I was all over the moon for their pink clay face mask. As I spotted some wrinkles on my forehead I decided to also give this anti-aging cream with argan a go. As most anti-aging creams it has a richer texture than what you will find in products for younger skin. Thanks to the good moisturization my wrinkles temporarily appeared less deep but there was really no long-term effect on my skin.

TREACLEMOON 'One Ginger Morning' shower gel

If you have a hard time waking up in the morning then this show gel is for you. It smells super fresh of ginger and lemon and the vibrant green colour makes for some fun in the shower, too.

ALTERNA 'Bamboo Style' Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo has a lovely mango and coconut smell and is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic colour. It doesn't leave a powdery residue. I'm not a regular dry shampoo user so I'll leave the verdict to my sister who said: 'I really liked it but the Batiste dry shampoo is even better'. Given the fact that this dry shampoo costs 20,73€/100ml while the Batiste ones are available for 2,50€/100ml I would say that buying this is a real waste of money.

P.S.: If you want to know where I got this awesome skin for my Macbook you should check back on Monday as there will be a great giveaway for you guys!

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