6 Ethical Fashion Labels Worth Watching

Frieda Sand Ethical Fashion Brand

Yesterday I told you about the Greenshowroom, a trade fair for ethical fashion labels. As you might know from some of my previous posts, I did some first steps towards the promotion of ethical fashion, and now that I've discovered these amazing brands from all over the world, I'm even more determined to make my closet a bit more sustainable. Especially German-speaking bloggers have been doing a great amount of research on fair fashion labels, but I haven't discovered any of these brands on a fair fashion blog before. That's why I regard it as my duty to share these labels with you, as they are the perfect proof that ethical fashion hasn't got to be boring at all.
Currently you can find the s/s 2016 collections in most of these shops but I was lucky enough to already see the s/s 2017 collections at the Greenshowroom fair. So even if you might not fall in love with a brand immediately, I assure you it's worth watching it in the future as green fashion will become more and more fashion-forward.

Frieda Sand

Country: Germany
About: Sustainable fashion brand that works with fair trade producers around the world. Some of their used fabrics are British merino wool, organic cotton and Mongolian cashmere. More info here
Current Collection: Autumn/Winter 2016. Availability unknown.
Worth Watching: Their comfy looking pullovers. 

Johanna Riplinger Ethical Fashion Brand
photo: Sarah Dulay, model: Luisa @EastWestModels

Johanna Riplinger

Country: France
About: Green luxury label that uses a natural dyeing method. The brand 'combines ecological sustainability and sustainable labour practices with luxurious high fashion to create women’s clothing with a distinctively feminine note.' More info here.
Current Collection: Spring/Summer 2016 'Urban Jungle'. Available in these stores across Europe and Asia. 
Worth Watching: The brand's wedding dresses!

Bibico Ethical Fashion Brand


Country: Great Britain
About: Fair trade clothing brand founded by a women who has been working for Zara and got tired of the poor quality of clothes. More info here.
Current Collection: Spring/Summer 2016 (on sale). Available online.
Worth Watching: Their classical striped sweaters. 
Favourite Piece: The striped 'Lucia' skirt.

Jungle Folk Ethical Fashion Brand

Jungle Folk

Country: Switzerland
About: Conscious clothing brand that 'only uses sustainable and certified materials such as organic cotton, linen, silk and wool for the clothing and recycled and natural materials for accessories.' More info here. 
Current Collection: Spring/Summer 2016 capsule collection. Available online.
Worth Watching: Their skirts from the spring/summer 2017 collection!
Favourite Piece: The 'Bea' culotte.

Noumenon Ethical Fashion Brand


Country: The Netherlands
About: For its minimalistic but trendy clothes, the brand Noumenon uses a 'selection of plant-based, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly fabrics.' More info here. 
Current Collection: Not available yet. Sign up online.
Worth Watching: Their creative one-piece clothes.
Favourite Piece: The striped jumpsuit with cut out details. 

Ethical Fashion Brand Zurita


Country: Chile
About: The organic brand promotes the use of rich textiles and Latin American crafting traditions. More info here. 
Current Collection: Permanent collection with annually added pieces. Availability unknown.
Worth Watching: Their capes.
Favourite Piece: The short jacket.

Did you know any of these labels before? If not, what are your current favourite ehtical fashion brands?

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