1 Straw Hat - 3 Travel Destinations (DIY)

DIY floppy straw hat scarf embellishment

Whenever I went on holiday as a child and my mum helped me pack my suitcase, she would also force me to take a headpiece to protect me from sunstroke. Of course I didn't understand this safety measure back then and really wasn't eager to walk around with a baseball cap on the beach. How good that the hat selection for women has to offer more than that.
Some years ago I bought my first floppy straw hat so I finally had a headpiece that I voluntarily took on holiday. However, just like I get tired of about any piece of clothing, I also got tired of this hat. If you're in the same situation as me then I have the solution for you my friends. How about giving new life to that old floppy hat by pimping it with different scarves and thus adapting it to your holiday destination and wardrobe?

1. Rope Print For A Boat Tour

Are this year's summer holidays taking you on a boat ride or anywhere near the sea? Then you will be perfectly equipped with a hat that shows off some maritime spirits. In order to decorate your straw hat with a large bow like the one above, you will need a long rectangular scarf. Simply tie it around your hat and fix it with a knot. Fold the remaining two ribbons by half and use both ends to tie another knot. Slightly pull apart the bow ends until you're satisfied with the result. 

DIY floppy straw hat scarf embellishment

2. Flower Print For The Countryside

Will you be spending the summer months in Provence or in California's Napa Valley? Then show some love for nature with a flower printed scarf. For the style above you will need a long thin cloth which you tie into a classical bow. Make sure that the ends are slightly hanging over the edge of your floppy hat for a romantic look. 

DIY floppy straw hat scarf embellishment

3. Animal Print For A City Trip

Sun protection on city trips gets often neglected but who says that you can't wear a hat in New York or Paris? Ideally it shouldn't look like your basic beach accessory so you'll want to come up with a more fashionable option. I still had this colourful animal print scarf from the Versace for H&M collection and thought it was perfect to embellish a hat. If you have a square scarf simply fold in two opposite edges and then roll up the scarf. Tie it around your hat with two simple knots and let the ends hang loose. 

Of course this works with about any hat that has a brim, so why not use the same trick for your felt hats in autumn? Which of the above styles did you like best? And where are you guys going on holiday this year? 

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