Tried and Tested: Manhattan Eyeshadow Pens

Manhattan Endless Stay Eyeshadow Pens

Is applying makeup something you enjoy or rather one of many things you feel you have to do? I know there are girls who love to experiment with cosmetics and to whom applying makeup feels like a calming ritual. I'm a bit different. To me this whole makeup process can be pretty annoying at times. Therefor I like products that make a huge impact in no time, like my go to products foundation and mascara. I'm often too lazy for things like lipstick, eyeshadow or highlighter. But what if I told you that I found a product that makes applying eyeshadow as easy as painting in a picture?
You probably already guessed it, we're talking about eyeshadow pens, more precisely the Manhattan Endless Stay Eyeshadow Pens. Thanks to a giveaway I was able to try them in the four shades "Light me up!", "Nude up", "Misty mauve" and "Bronze Beat". Every shade is already pretty as such, but together they look awesome. I like to use the white one as a highlighter under my eyebrows and the two copper shades to create an intense, shimmery eye. The mauve pen goes perfectly with a turquoise eyeliner for a bright summer makeup. But despite the colours, what are the pros and cons of these pens?


  •  Quick an easy application
  •  Available in 6 beautiful colours
  •  Long-lasting
  •  Smear-proof (some shades more than others)
  •  Can be used as both eyeliner and eyeshadow
  •  Intense yet natural result
  •  Shiny and matte colours available
  •  Creamy texture
  •  Cost less than 4€
  •  Can be layered and blended like any other eyeshadow
  •  The white one is ideal for highlighting, too


  •  Slightly crumbly
  •  Bad packaging (the actual pen keeps falling out of the tube)

As you can see the advantages of these pens outweigh and in the end you can't go wrong with something that only costs 4€. The Manhattan Eyeshadow Pens are available at dm but people from Luxembourg might also make a find at the Cactus supermarkets. See all shades here. 

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